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Why is it important to Connect Children with Nature?

In an increasingly urbanized world, with television, computers, and extracurricular activities jostling for their time, only fewer children actually get the opportunity to venture out of their home, let alone establish the connection with nature. It is a sad reality that though the kids of today are completely aware of the global threats to the environment, their actual contact and intimacy with nature is gradually fading away. The young ones of today are as close to the virtual world as they are away from nature and thus, the things like biodiversity, ecosystem, and the likes have become for them as something that they read in books but can’t understand and connect with all their heart.

We, at the Lotus Valley International School, believe that there exist positive links between direct experiences in nature and children’s emotional, mental, and physical health and wellbeing. Thus, it is important to aid the children in developing a love for Mother Earth even before we ask them to learn about it academically. Several studies have shown beyond doubt that children with an intrinsic bond with nature are much more advanced in their intellectual ability and physical stamina than the ones who aren’t. To know more about the benefits of connecting children with nature, let us delve a bit deeper into the facts further down in this write-up.

Develops creativity and problem-solving skills

We always suggest the parents to allow the kids to play out in the open as much as possible instead of just engaging them in indoor activities. The sports that they play indoors offer a much more structured approach to playing and thus, lesser scope of creative freedom or much of problem-solving skills. On the other hand, when they are out in the greens, they are free to make their own rules and thus, their innate resourcefulness comes into play.

Enhances the cognitive abilities

According to the thesis ‘Effects of “Greenness” on Children’s Cognitive Functioning’ (2000) by Dr. Nancy M. Wells, children whose homes are closer to greeneries tend to have higher levels of cognitive functions than those who do not. A daily exposure to natural surroundings increases their ability to focus and this, in turn, aids in the improvement of their cognitive abilities.

Supports fitness through increased physical activities

We believe that one of the biggest benefits of letting your children connect with Mother Nature from a tender age is ensuring that their physical fitness is never compromised. Children who spend more time in the diverse natural settings are physically more active and have better immunities. Besides, the constant running and playing around with their friends does wonders for their growing muscle and bone structure and it shows in their agility and dexterity on the field.

Improves their nutritional know-how

According to us, a clever way of making children connect with nature is by involving them in activities related to nature, for instance, by helping them grow their own food in your kitchen garden. Gardening is a wonderful hobby to have and children who are enthusiastic about such pastimes tend to show higher levels of knowledge about nutrition. They are more likely to be the ones who continue healthy eating habits all through their lives.

Betters the eyesight

The human eye perceives colors through tiny sensors called cones and these cones are the most sensitive to wavelengths of 510 nm, which is what you get from green lights. Thus, scientists suggest that green objects have a profound effect on our vision and our hormonal balances. More time spent outside in the greenery is related to a significant reduction in the rates of nearsightedness in children and adolescents.

Builds a sense of awareness and empathy towards nature

From global warming, melting polar ice caps, increasing pollution, to a changing water cycle – the threats to the environment are rising by the day. We believe that it is the responsibility of the young leaders of tomorrow to make sure that the sanctity of our natural environ is kept protected and secure. Helping them establish the crucial connect with nature at a young age can help to ensure that they understand their duty towards the planet soon enough.

We, as one of the foremost educational institutes of the country and one among the top 10 CBSE schools in Noida, believe that establishing this connection with nature is something that children should be inherently taught, right from a young age itself. On our part, we attempt to bring the kids closer to greenery through our hands-on teaching techniques and the multiple outdoor sports that we encourage. Our aim is to bring up environmentally responsible citizens of tomorrow who play an important role in preserving and enhancing the flora and faunas of the world.