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What made IIPM a Favorite among the Corporates?

The Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) has grown to become one of the most respected educational institutions in South Asia. The reputation was not earned overnight, rather the institution has seen the face of success after undergoing a long journey loaded with hard work and diligence. But once IIPM established its prowess in the education world, it stood strong as the central focus to corporates and came to be known as the premium education institute to bestow the industries with the finest professionals. The highest quality management graduates sailing high in the corporate world today are from IIPM and this particular fact makes the institute a crucial highlight in the eyes of the corporates.

Executive Communication Skill Sessions

When it comes to IIPM graduates attaining attention from the top brands in the world, the above-mentioned initiative that was taken by IIPM is a must mention. In the Executive Communication skill session, as the name already suggests, students get trained on how to practically and professionally deal with the corporate world and be effective in business. Apart from just academic excellence, mentors at IIPM believe that students need to possess a certain idea about the specific skills required for excelling in today’s complex corporate realm. Focus is hence given on brushing on areas like soft skills, people skills, interaction, public speaking, open discussions, etc.

A Talent Pool of Cultural Diversity

IIPM campus has always welcomed students from different cultural backgrounds. The institute embraces cultural diversity in its premises more than anything else as this helps students mature in a vibrant learning environment. Because of this factor, the IIPM alumni treasures different values, ethics, and mindsets and share the same with each other as well. This practice is worthy when it comes to an understanding and participating in the futuristic business world. Most of the giant corporates encourage professionals with social intelligence, open beliefs, and optimistic attitudes and this is precisely where IIPM graduates excel.

Rich Market Study and Research

IIPM is one of the rare educational bodies having massive industrial collaborations both on national and international levels. A considerable number of corporate companies grew as the regular recruiters from the institute. IIPM is recognized for its broad and intelligent market research and bringing the best opportunities to its students.

State-of-the-Art Teaching Pedagogy

One of the core reasons why companies provide high preference to IIPM students is because of the high-quality training they receive from the institution. IIPM curriculum is designed in such a manner that it not just emphasizes theory-based lessons but also highly stress on practical projects as well. IIPM uses a very strategic style of knowledge impartation that targets all categories of students in order to improve their existing knowledge, skills, and perception. The institute empowers its students to undertake dynamic learning activities on their own by providing them the apt guidance to bring out their hidden potentials. This helps them keep the learning attitude alive around the clock and be efficient in the corporate environment. Other than that, the producer of the finest professionals, IIPM continues to be the preferred institute of the corporates in the present time with its excellent reputation. Overcoming every challenge, IIPM has maintained a stable reputation of its own by enlightening the professional lives of countless graduates. Many times, IIPM has been stated among the top institutions in India to have the highest placement percentage. Not only in terms of placement, but the institution has also been able to make a mark in the industry by contributing talents who are adept at not only taking the job responsibilities effectively but also add an edge to the business with innovation and creation.

A Wide Scope of Exposure to Learners

Students of IIPM are provided with the right and freedom to prove their potentials at their level best. Other than that, they are provided with global exposure as well. They are provided with the opportunities to visit reputed institutions and organizations of the world from where they can absorb valuable knowledge and the know-how about how the real world unfolds.

In a nutshell, students at IIPM are provided with such a valuable learning atmosphere where they are enabled to crash the cocoon surrounding them and make a clear-cut way to the dynamic world waiting outside. The students are provided with the right kind of grooming, personality development sessions, communication skills training, and much more that helps them to break through the completion and come out strong.

Besides, IIPM also has numerous clubs which highly emphasize the distinctive interests, passions, and knacks of the young minds in various fields. This is an excellent opportunity leveraged to candidates to get in touch with the industries and gain pragmatic knowledge. These efforts made and initiatives taken by IIPM, and particularly the Dean, Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri, to prepare their students are highly visible to the present corporate sector. So, when it comes to seeking professionals who know how to work in a team, lead a situation, and improve group dynamics with a full sense of responsibility, the corporates know exactly where to lay the trawl.