Top Institute in Knowledge Park III – G L Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management

G L Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida is the 6th Institute established under the prestigious banner of R.K Group. The institute is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD Govt OF India and Affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University(Formerly UPTU Lucknow). 

In G L Bajaj, innovation is defined as the translation of knowledge and technologies in the form of newer and better products and services. Being innovative adds value to our graduates’ education and training, which gives them the extra edge and ultimately increases their employability. G L Bajaj strives to train and develop talented students and budding professionals with intense focus on Technological development and career grooming.

At G L Bajaj, we nurture and develop: 

* A robust culture built on people with pioneering and dare to dream spirit, coupled with the vision and ability to turn ideas into reality. 

* Best quality education and training to enable students to be exceptionally competent to match global standards, and there by create competent professionals with strong value orientation. 

* A perfect blend of academia and modern technology. 

* Unique teaching and learning concepts relevant to the real world environment Communication skills and Leadership skills. 

* An Integration of knowledge and talents throughout the curriculum. 

* Commitment to quality and continuous improvement. 

* Understanding of the societal, economic and environmental impacts of Technological and managerial decisions. 

* Cutting edge Technical Education and valuable expertise for meeting the global challenges. 

The teaching and learning environment at G L Bajaj makes technology and management education more attractive to both students and faculty, as they are given the opportunity to stay up-to-date. In today’s world and in the future, Technological and management education programs at G L Bajaj does not only teach the fundamentals of Technological and management theory, experimentation and practice, but also provides a wide spectrum of corporate trends.

G L Bajaj actively encourages its faculty members to participate in research, educational and leadership activities beyond the Technological and management college. The College core faculty has good numbers of publications in national platform. In order to make our faculty abreast of their discipline we promote faculty Development Program (FDP) – Wipro 10* which is one of the such program. 

G L Bajaj actively encourages students to participate in university-wide activities. These activities include participation in, student professional societies, athletics, performing arts, debate, and similar activities. The aim is to promote leadership and communications skills as well as a sense of the integration of Technological and management into the broader world.

We have opened student’s chapter of IEEE, Society of Automobile Engineering (SAE), Business English Certificate (BEC), a course offered by Cambridge University, Indian Scientific Technical Education ISTE . The college provides the best opportunities in specialized technical education and Research &Development, which is focused, and co-ordinate with prime attention to the various aspects of Technical skill building and personality development. 

We has established our own Research and Development center where in our faculty continuously contribute their novel ideas, work and studies in different field of Engineering at national and International levels. 

As a part of commitment towards quality technical education and excellence, G L Bajaj has embarked on promoting National and International Conferences, Seminars and Symposium, which culminates into major interface with industry which play a comprehensive role in the overall grooming of our students. 

The policy statements and action items developed in G L Bajaj are intended to help Technological and management education to become RELEVANT, ATTRACTIVE and CONNECTED well into the next century.