Top Academic Facilities that Every School Must Have to Enhance Learning

Education has definitely evolved with time and currently is more about a combination of few subjects. The stiff competition that goes on outside has risen the benchmark of performance and expectations from students have also peaked to new levels. In such times, it is almost a duty of the schools to provide every student with every necessary facility to help them reach their full potential and provide that balance that education deserves. Resources now cannot be limited to books, teaching must move beyond classrooms.

As the evolution continues and the benchmark continues to rise, there are a few academic facilities that every school must have. The top IGCSE schools in Gurgaon goes to the length to create the perfect educational environment for its students and have all the necessities ready on-campus. Look for the presence of the following facilities when you are choosing a school and settle only for the best around.

  1. A rich Library with an active Internet connection

Any school can have a library but it can only help a student if it’s rich. This means that there must be books on almost all topics under the sun, for all ages, from different authors. There should also be CDs and DVDs of educational documentaries, magazines, newspapers, personal computers with internet connections, eBook subscription facilities and most importantly, a proper reading area. All these combined will academically help a student to grow and this is one facility that schools should never compromise on.

  1. A Language Laboratory

Unfortunately, very few schools put stress and invest space in a laboratory that is solely dedicated to learning a language properly. Communication is the greatest barrier that every student will have to ultimately overcome and proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking is primary. A language lab must be equipped with computers, auditory and visual equipment to help students develop fluency in all aspects. Regular tasks should involve public speaking, listening and taking dictation, reading and comprehending, and much more. These exercises must happen along with the slotted language classes as part of the curriculum to ensure proper learning.

  1. A Mathematics Laboratory

Another subject that hardly receives any practical attention is mathematics which is why many students pass their education phase in awe of the subject. Mathematics is necessary to live a life and irrespective of the profession that a student takes up in future, the knowledge is unparallel. Only in a mathematics laboratory can the theory be combined with the practicality of the subject and students will learn and retain better. The concepts of geometry can be explained with actual models and arithmetic can be taught with physical entities. The best IGCSE school in Gurgaon will have a space for a mathematics lab as it sharpens the brain of students and improves their overall performance.

  1. A Robotics Lab

Learning robotics may come as a surprise at school level can come as a surprise to parents but there’s no denying that robots are the future in the job world. An early introduction to students will help them to become familiar with the working and concepts and enable them to understand the practicality. While dealing with robots and controlling them, students develop the cognitive part of their brain sharpening their analytical and mathematical skills. Plus, they also learn to apply scientific concepts to the real world which directly creates the motivation to learn more.

  1. A 3D Printing Lab

Very few institutes in the list of top 10 IGCSE schools in Gurgaon invest in 3D printers and build a 3D printing lab as its importance is seldom acknowledged. 3D printers can bring computer-generated models to life and it’s a technology that is diversifying the field of engineering. Such a lab will help students to bring their creations to reality and will allow them to reach for greater goals. Here, students can foster their innovative side, create things and break through their potential barriers. The lab should be accessible to all grades and schools should encourage students to explore their creativity.

  1. An extensive computer lab

Where each student should have their own access to one computer that is updated with the latest hardware and software installations and has an active broadband connection. Students develop programming skills better at the school level and they must have the independence to formulate their own algorithm. They must have the freedom to make mistakes, self-teach computer skills to a certain extent and research topics at free will. Computer education must go beyond the curriculum and an extensive computer lab can facilitate that.

Apart from these, there are always the necessities of elaborate and separate science labs, art and crafts labs, music rooms and so on. Alpine Convent School have all these facilities in their campus to provide only the best form of education to its students and make them future-ready. The institute never compromises when it comes to facilities and constantly updates its infrastructure to suit the current time. So, select such a school for your child where education can be complete and where all the necessary academic facilities are available.