Mar 06, 2019 Alpine

The Teacher-Student Relationship that Must Exist in the Classrooms

Mentorship, respect, trust and positive. These are a few common terms that immediately get associated with the teacher-student relationship that must exist in a classroom to ensure healthy academic development. And the argument is completely true. All of them must coexist. Teachers should be more than guardians to students and the children must be accepting of the teacher’s methods. There must be a balance on both sides, of giving and receiving, and only then can education advance in the way it is meant to be.

However, the best school in Sector 67 Gurgaon will also recognise the fact that the dynamics of the relationship will change with growing years. Also, not every student will connect with every teacher and not all methods will be acceptable. A classroom will be a mixture of differences and similarities but the teacher-student relationship must always be so that education is always a priority. Teachers must mend their roles according to the student’s needs to ensure a safe overall environment.

The changing dynamics of the relationship

At the pre-primary level, the teacher-student relationship is naturally of nurturing and care. This slowly evolves into guidance at the top 20 CBSE school in Gurgaon which then changes into mentorship at the senior levels. Often, the students will not find the same group of teachers available to them as they move up the grades and new relationships will have to be formed with changing expectations. From the teacher’s side, every academic year brings along a new set of students where the needs may vary accordingly.

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