Oct 10, 2018 Alpine

The Importance of Sports for Students (And Why Should Schools have the Facilities for it)

There has been an infinite number of studies that have correlated physical activity and academics among students and all have concluded with the same finding – an active student performs better in studies and sports boosts their overall well-being. Even in this age of competition where academics always seem to get the priority, the importance of sports in a student’s life is undeniable. It improves both the physical and psychological being of a student and is almost a necessity in their life. But the question that remains afloat is that whether students should engage in sports during the school hours? Should it be included in the curriculum or fit into the home schedule?

The top schools in Gurgaon invest heavily in sports and their associated facilities for a reason. While the option of pursuing a sport from home is always there, but having periods solely dedicated to any form of physical activity during school hours have their own benefits. This post is meant to establish the importance of sports and its existence inside the school curriculum and eradicate any lingering doubt on this very issue. Every school must be fully equipped with sports facilities and there is simply no alternative to this.

Sports combined with academics helps subject retention

Physical activity is known to improve the cognitive part of the brain and help to build the memory functions. Including sports during the school hours breaks the monotony of constantly being inside the classrooms and gives students the necessary break. They become more focused, concentration levels improve and enhanced performance develops their interest in studies as well.

Then again, not every form of sports can interest every student which is why schools must have the facilities to include a variety. Like any of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, institutes must have the option for the outgoing activities like cricket, soccer and hockey while there should also be facilities for less intense sports table-tennis, swimming and others. Major schools also conduct compulsory yoga classes to provide physical activity for all their students.

Sports help in personality development along with education

Being involved in sports regularly help students learn life lessons. The field brings in both competitiveness and team spirit, passion and patience, aggression and tactics. Be it soccer or swimming, whatever students learn outside while playing a sport, they learn to apply the lessons in their real life. It is naturally reflected in their academic performance as well.

Pediatricians and psychologists agree that what we learn during our child have a lasting impact on our lives. Academic lessons can only go to a certain extent to teach students life skills. But if schools combine sports along with it, personality development will happen faster and students’ minds will be wired to function accordingly. They will apply discipline better and perform to their full potential.

Sports maintain student’s health and inculcate the right habits

Increased physical activity has a lot of positive health impacts among students which, in turn, enhances their academic performance as well. An active child is less likely to fall sick, have improved fitness and is rarely lethargic. Sports also help students to maintain a healthy growth rate, reduces chances of obesity, strengthens tissues of lungs, improves heart’s fitness and so on. Being active as children help students to maintain their health on a long-term basis.

And the habits they pick up being actively involved in sports stays with them. Rigorous physical activity boosts their metabolism which makes them eat healthily and at proper times. The positive mental being that comes along also compels them to maintain sports as a daily habit. Such students tend to be more interested in outgoing activities, a trait that is generally missing among inactive children. Investing equally in sports is what makes an institute feature in the list of best CBSE school in Gurgaon where education is truly complete.

Academics and sports must go hand in hand

And there is no doubt about it. Sports sessions must be a part of a school’s regular curriculum and every student must actively engage in it. Many might take it up as a career, others may choose to continue for health benefits, but sports must exist for students in school at all levels and vary according to their age and grade.

Schools like Alpine Convent School stresses heavily on the importance of sports for students and have a variety of options available for all age groups. The authorities do not let come anything in between the children and physical activity and the institute maintains a temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool. So, sports continue irrespective of the weather outside and their students remain active, both physically and academically. Only schools with proper sports facilities qualify as the best educational institutions and your child will get more than just academics. Enroll them in such an institution and give them access to a balanced school life!