Mar 12, 2019 Alpine

The Benefits of Studying in a Convent School

A student of a convent school will immediately stand apart, no matter where he/she goes. Convent schools are institutes that instill a very specific set of skills among its students. Although the infrastructures have been modernized to meet the current demands, the principle teachings in such schools remain the same. Students can still reap the same benefits that convent schools were previously meant for and develop the same abilities that made them social prodigies. There’s simply no argument here that convent schools still feature among the best school in Gurgaon.

Students of a convent school are more disciplined

As the strictness level is generally higher when compared to other schools. Be it punctuality or behavior, convent schools are indeed firm with their code of conduct. Right from the nursery levels to the secondary ones, students are ingrained with disciplinary values that they are required to maintain at all times. Dress code, haircut, neatness, cleanliness, the ways to maintain the stationary and even what bags to carry, every aspect has a rule in place. Such a code develops self-discipline, following the books become a habit. All of which work together to ultimately turn the children into better people.

English skills of students are superior here

Almost all the convent schools are rigid with their students’ English-speaking skills. In fact, no other language is allowed for communication within the school premises. This is done not to disregard a student’s mother-tongue but to help the child develop fluency in another language. Proper grammar is a priority here. Vocabulary is continuously enhanced. Even marks are taken away for spelling mistakes on answer sheets which makes all the students all the more efficient with English. Naturally, a top 10 convent school in Gurgaon pass-out has superior English skills, both written and verbal.