Our country’s esteemed Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi conducted ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ on 20th of January, 2020 from 11a.m onwards, to let all the students of India know the essence of examinations and that the young should not take them as a burden on their shoulders, but to face them with confidence.

We were all very excited to hear his point of view on examinations, which students take as a pressure and are really fearful of them. It was really thoughtful of our Prime Minister to have this programme just before the final examinations. This must have benefitted the students and reduced their fear of the exams (especially the students studying in 10th grade).

This procedure helped students from all over India to interact with the Prime Minister, solve problems and ask questions which they were unable to ask their parents or teachers, regarding their studies, sports or extra – curricular activities.

The following are some of the questions asked by students from different regions and answers given by P.M. Narendra Modi ji :-

Question : How can students overcome the pressure given by parents and teachers as well, at the time of examinations?

P.M. Narendra Modi ji addressed this answer to the parents and teachers watching this programme. He explained that no pressure should be given to the children at the time of exams. It makes them uncomfortable and de-motivated and hence, the level of their self-confidence decreases. Parents should be aware of and realise their child’s calibre, before pushing them to do anything. It should be the child’s decision to become anything when he/she grows up. He/she should decide his/her career, not the parents directly. The job of parents is to show their ward the right path, but it’s the ward who has to make the journey. Motivate the children, do not pressurize them.

Question : What is the best time to study – early morning or late night?

P.M. Modi ji found this question a little difficult to answer. He advised the parents and especially the teachers to be more friendly and make good relations with the students, so that they open up to them and share their feelings and problems. He said that our mind is engaged at night, because of all the tiredness and tensions of the entire day. So, we are unable to fully concentrate on our studies as our mind is monotonously racing to other things and issues. When we wake up in the morning, our minds are fresh and we naturally have a lot of energy in the mornings. We are able to focus better on our books. But, it is totally dependent on our habit and comfort. We can study whenever we want, it’s up to ourselves.

Question : We start forgetting our answers while entering the examination hall. What should we do about it?

P.M. Modi ji answers that even a very successful person hesitates before doing something. Hesitation is very natural and common in human beings. Every person has his/her own way to bring himself/herself to the comfort zone. Self-confidence is the key to it. We always have to be self-confident to enhance our leadership skills or other qualities like scoring well in exams. We become accustomed to easiness and hence, face problems when the tough phase of our life comes. We become hesitant and nervous. So, if we will be self-confident and have faith in ourselves, then we can overcome the fear of exams.

Question : How can we know about our abilities?

Mr. Prime Minister felt that it is a serious question. He thought that it was a little difficult to know about your competences. If we come out of our comfort zone, and be in the challenge mode, only then we can see and realize our capabilities. But, we have to face the outside world for it. Opportunity leads to self-confidence. If one is given an opportunity to do something, then the person realises where he/she stands. We should not be tensed about our exams. Instead of taking them as a pressure, we ought to take it as a small test so that we can know how good or bad we are. For that, we have to become progressive, not worrying about the results. We should keep going on and giving our best. Also, a child-like curiosity should never die in anyone, even in a old person. Everything is constant and changing, and in a world full of changes, no one knows everything. We should learn something new every day and every minute.

It really was a pedagogic session with Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

Manvi Bisla (Grade VIII)