GIBS, Bangalore a heaven for Management Studies

Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore

Global Institute of Business Studies offers several business management courses as one of the most sought after b-school destinations. The location in the much happening city of Bangalore on a landscaped 4.5-acre campus that brings serenity to what are essentially business wars! Besides the MBA course combined with PGPM are the one year PGDM program, the industry integrated MBA during weekends, corporate BBM and corporate BCom. While all the courses are essentially business inspired and teach similar syllabi on different levels with different durations, the MBA course is the most sought after.

How does one qualify for an MBA?

Technically speaking, a graduation in any subject along with work experience is sufficient to apply for the MBA. Yet the score in the admission test also matters. It is best if the subjects in graduation tally with those opted for in MBA, though it is not compulsory. Consider the specializations offered at GIBS for the two-year MBA program:

  • Tourism & Travel Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Retail & Supply Chain Management
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Information Systems

The list of specializations forms a summary of the corporate world that rules the contemporary world. Industry and business are getting nowhere without top notch MBAs! Managers always existed, but businesses nowadays have learned how to embrace the whole world because of the internet. Electronics companies know how to manufacture their products in cheaper countries like China. That would require superhuman management expertise.  Not only is the present day a world of business, but also a world where b-schools have grown very commonly like a forest.

It is no wonder that students often find it difficult to choose an appropriate b-school. Many b-schools in India and abroad may promise the world but facilities and infrastructure, faculty and placements may be lacking. Yet they succeed in selling sweet dreams and attracting high-paying students who end up with a mediocre education. The syllabi may be similar across the world, but an essential something is missing from those courses.

GIBS makes a difference!

In terms of rankings and awards too, GIBS has come a long way besides praise and recognition in social media circles. Higher Education Review ranked GIBS the 3rd best b-school in India with the 8th best industry exposure and the 4th best in infrastructure. That is enormous praise indeed when the wealth of b-schools in the ocean that is India is considered. According to, GIBS is the 8th best b-school in the country. Careers 360 – The Education Hub also graded GIBS AA+ in terms of MBA quality.

A committed and sustained training course over two years of MBA does succeed in producing dynamic business managers who can weather the storms of management globally. Their skills are not confined to the Indian agenda alone. They have been blessed with the global touch amidst a fierce competitive spirit that does not sacrifice values. Besides the crucial, specialized understanding of an area like Healthcare, Hospitality or Finance, for instance, they have developed physically, mentally and spiritually. Personality matters, particularly in the glittering world of big business.

International affiliations and exposure

Numerous Chinese, Nepalese and Bangladeshi students have placed their trust in this mighty institution, bringing a global touch. Several prestigious tie-ups with foreign universities bring international exposure to the GIBS trainees. Managing cross-cultural situations is the challenge while working in big business. America and Germany, UK, Australia and Singapore provide some of these exchange programs. Some leading universities are Nottingham University, RMIT, Singapore University and the University of Central Florida.

An expansion of horizons, the promotion of cosmopolitan thinking and cross-cultural platforms may be achieved by means of international exposure. Skills and personalities are thus meaningfully developed, though national values remain intact.

Teaching methodology

A personalized attention is accorded to each student with the insistence upon an interactive and participatory study culture. It is true that bookish learning alone cannot succeed. A number of activities like seminars and workshops, presentations and lectures combine to create that final rounded personality that can fight extreme business management battles. Much of education suffers because of one-way traffic in teaching, but interactive learning where the student participates actively stands the best chance of success.

A variety of teaching methods would accommodate the various learning styles that students experienced during the graduation years. Besides, they work and study at different levels and speeds. The faculty makes a determined attempt to bring about a homogenous study culture by leveling. More attention is given to those who may be weaker so that they reach the standard of the better students. Gradually, such a homogenous level is achieved after one or two of the four semesters of the MBA.

Lectures and projects, the internationally recognized case method, teamwork, self-study and guest lectures, internships and finally the highly sought after job placements. The MBA does not give a moment to rest until dreams are fulfilled.

Qualified and experienced international faculty

Perhaps in every renowned institution and university and hundreds of them existed in history, the teachers made the greatest difference. It is teaching ultimately that inspires and transmits knowledge and experience and opens up an intellectual world for the students. Commercialization of education only achieves the opposite as if they were all teaching machines like online study courses nowadays. A fully residential program means that the students get the best of both worlds.

A qualified and experienced international faculty shapes student destinies in this renowned institution. The best of academic practices is passed on through the teaching faculty to the great business managers of the future. Perhaps some of the MBA trainees in their turn would become mighty teachers too, but not before adequate industry experience.

Clubs and committees on campus

It is the most happening campus at GIBS where the students get ample chances to develop their hobbies and interests in a state of the art infrastructure. Academics alone would bring boredom and an active lifestyle is encouraged with plenty of sports and games after study hours. Facilities are needed and the campus possesses plenty of that. The comprehensive experience turns out well-honed MBAs ready for the big battles of life.

GIBS is the Best MBA College in Bangalore –

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