Apr 25, 2017 management

The boom in the BFSI sector: Right time for an MBA in finance and banking

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Are you considering higher education? Are you confused about the course to choose and the specialization to take up? Do employment prospects of a course affect your decision?

If employment prospects are to be looked at, banking and finance are one of the most viable options in current times owing to the boom in the BFSI sector and ever growing demand for skilled personnel. One of the most sought after specializations of MBA is finance and many students are attracted to it. While finance is a vast term and opens avenues to multiple career options, you can opt for a domain specific MBA in banking and finance if you are looking at the banking industry in particular.

The current boom and the adequate promotion and control upon in makes banking an appropriate industry to work in. The financial and economic superiority to several other nations and versatile options for liquidity, credit and the like makes it stable and progressive. The motivation of youth towards the sector can also be attributed to the bright future prospects in the industry in terms of jobs, emoluments and career growth.

The highest body observing the Banking industry is the reserve bank of India and manages any inadequacies or disparities. The efficient control exercised by this body also contributes to the boom in the sector. If one looks at the statistics, the avenue of securing a job in the sector becomes clearer. The categorization of the banking industry in India has been done on basis of booked and non-booked banks and nearly 67000 booked banks adorn the banking landscape of India. While the basis is framed by public sector banks, private banks are also flourishing at a great pace and bringing in value additions.

The boom can also be explained by the division of the industry into various verticals such as investment banking, retail banking, and private banking. Each division is developing and hence there isn’t a rough time in sight for the industry for many years to come.

The following are the domains in which you can decide to take up an MBA in banking and finance:

Investment Banking: The development of investment banking division also assures inflow of cash and collateral and hence promises a future for the industry free of economic crunches.

Retail banking: Retail banking has assumed a position where banks take up management of individual clients rather than partnerships. The offerings of retail banking are reserve funds, advance facilities, personalized cards and the like. The development in this segment can also be attributed to the development in the drive for cashless exchanges.

Private banking: People and partnerships that hold high worth are offered customized financial administration services that are included under private banking. While the domain serves exclusively to a stratum of society, the continuous expansion of the strata due to economic and financial developments of the country is a victory situation for MBA aspirants in this domain.

Each of these domains is showing potential for tremendous development. Also, in addition, web and phone banking are picking up a great pace and flawless precision. This goes further to indicate the massive development potential for the banking segment

The progression in setting up bases of outside banks in India can also be attributed to these reasons. Numerous banks such as Bank of America, JP Morgan, Standard chartered have set up their infrastructure in India to realize its full potential. A domain specific MBA can help you secure a job in one of the numerous banks and hence assure a fulfilling career in banking and finance.

An increase has been observed in FDI in the banking division. The permitted limit of investment in private area banks has been set to 74% FDI. Investments are sure to rise in future in terms of worth and hence the industry is only going to boom further.

The passage of remote investors is also a ray of light as the administration lays focus on outside investment in the domain due to its potential to increase effectiveness, versatility and improve capitalization.

If banks interest you, the statistics are motivating enough. A domain specific MBA in banking and finance is sure to strengthen your career in numerous ways. There is a variety of courses available to equip you with the know-how of the banking industry and to help you achieve a promising career in the field in future. However, choosing the appropriate course is a task and you must consider various factors before plunging into the decision in order to achieve a good ROI. If done right, your efforts can help you secure a good career in the industry.