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Learn the Art of Effective Sales & Marketing for Effective Business Outcomes

With the rise of the industrial age, the role of marketing has gained entirely new recognition in the realm of business over time. Today, business ventures are vastly reliant on great marketing minds, who are considered to be the ultimate brains behind a successful after-math. Personas like Larry Page (CEO, co-founder of Google), Tim Cook (CEO, Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, chairman, co-founder, Facebook) have weaved their business accomplishments in ways that profoundly differ from one another,however they all treasure and have mastered one skill in common, and that is the ‘the art of marketing.’ These giant and highly reputable brands outshine from the rest not because of what they vend but how they market. Marketing is no longer merely a significant part of successful businesses today, it can be rather categorized as the ‘heart of the business.’ It is indeed the only language that the global business world is utilizing to thrive in the present era of cut-throat competition.

The face of modern marketing

Needless to say, the twenty-first-century marketing realm is much more crowded and competitive than ever before. Today, the theory of marketing holds a lot more profundity and complexity than merely promotinga company’s products and services. Some of the intricate lee-ways that modern marketing is centered oninclude establishing and utilizing the link between neuroscience, customer psyche, and marketing strategy, and identifying and nurturing marketing innovation in business. All said and done, the fact that rules the modern business world is that to make any business a successful venture today, it is imperative that you begin to perceive and tackle the concept of sales and marketing in an entirely new way. This is precisely the focus of IIM Calcutta’s Advanced Program for Marketing Professionals at TSW. The program is aimed at enabling the sales and marketing professionals to gain a clear insight into the deep-seated challenges that the modern businesses face and how strategic and tactical marketing can be the answer to all those challenges.

TSW – A golden opportunity to transform your future in marketing

Our Advanced Program for Marketing Professionals is driven by extremely unique training pedagogies, specialized streams, and strategic curriculums thatfocus onequipping the participants with cutting-edge marketing and sales approaches. The programhas been given a highly innovative, modern, and practicalframeworkfor introducing the core functional areas of sales and marketing to professionals so that they can be enriched with the relevant insights demanded inthe modern business landscape. The curriculum goes far beyond a typical marketing program, helping you dive deep into highly functional areas of marketing. From customer mindsets, cutting-edge knowledge on products and services, e-commerce scenario, tostrategic and tactical challenges in sales, participants are provided with great exposure to various facets that are inevitable to land a rewarding career in marketing in the current times.

Hone your skills under the valued-mentorship of the top educators

At TSW, we have a faculty team that treasures some of the top educators and trainers in the nation who haveyears of industry experience and are extremely approachable and cooperative when it comes to connecting with students. The dynamic and eminent faculty team at TSW leaves no stones unturned when it comes to utilizing advanced teaching technologies and the most innovative pedagogies to deliver insightful ideas to the learners and take the knowledge exchange to the utmost level.

Our program lends an excellent opportunity to build meaningful relationships with like-minded peers, faculty members, and real-world executives. Meaningful knowledge expansion, enhanced technical skills, advanced know-how on modern sales and marketing theories and practices, and an insight into the most effective strategies for handling complexities,are some of the key takeaways of this IIM executive program. So, if you are a working professional having at least five years of work experience in sales/marketing/operations/customer/marketing analytics, a middle to senior-level executive in sales and marketing, or are an aspiring entrepreneur having a general interest in the arena of marketing, our Advanced Program for Marketing Professionals is intended right for you! Join this program to expand your vision and skills to the highest level and achieve immense success in the global marketing world.