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Keep it Cool During your Exams: Must follow study Tips

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Are you a student who is on the brink of writing an exam? Feeling tensed, huh? There is no need for it, buddy.

Agreed, it is quite a challenging task to complete an entire year’s syllabus in a single day or answer the relevant questions in three hours in the examination hall. But, is getting tensed about the situation going to help in any way? No!
Relax then, and take a note of the tips provided below, that people have been following for years, are still followed, and will always be followed to secure good marks in exams. So, shall we move ahead and have a look at them?

Keep It Cool

First things first! Try to keep stress at bay, and focus more on instilling in yourself the confidence to make it to the top grade. A positive attitude gives the much needed physical and mental strength to deliver the best in an exam. Also, do have regular discussions with your family. A word of advice, motivation from a family member, or chit chat with a senior, can just put all the negative thoughts away.

Short Study Times

Even if you are aiming for the top most grades, never ever stretch your study hours too long. It is mandatory to give breaks during your study sessions. Last minute stuffing of information is a big no. Get engulfed in too much of stuffing at the last instant, and you would probably end up scrambling for the right information during the exam.
Plus, when the brain is tired, your body will also feel exhausted and heavy. The best way out is to read, memorize for thirty minutes, and then take a break. But, hey, do not misuse a break by logging to the internet and making unnecessary conversation with friends.

Make Points

Whenever you study a subject, try to understand the concepts in your own way, and then, do make points. Take a memorization test yourself. The next time, when you see the points, the whole concept should unfold in your imagination.
Do you know one-time-writing is equal to ten times of oral memorizing? Simply thinking and trying to orally mug up the concepts can add to the distraction. And, anyways in the exam you are supposed to write your concepts and ideas. So why not practice the same at the time of your revisions? This will even help raise your writing speed and you will find it easy during the exams.

Besides this, if you are good at drawing, draw pictures in which you can create abstract or visual images to memorize the concepts. These activities will help remember the concept in an easy way for a life time.


Let us say the history exam is tomorrow and you are studying the subject. First, identify the concepts that you find challenging. If, suppose, you are weak in memorizing dates, then kindly make a note and work on them at the last.
Make a time table of the chapters you have to cover in a specific time and act accordingly. Do not focus on difficult chapters or concepts at the first instance. It is better to be proficient in many topics rather than focus on one difficult topic.
Study solid and make the best of every minute you get. The result you get will last a lifetime.

Keep Away from Distractions

True, the internet can give any information you want, but keep away from it at the period of exams. If you are an addict to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc., take care that it does not waste your study time. Your friends, contacts will not disappear in thin air within a month.
Also, keep an eye on your surroundings. If your house is near the road, are you getting disturbed by the traffic noise? It would be, then, better to select a place such as the library, where you can study in peace.


Ensure you have sufficient time for revising all the topics and chapters in a subject. They should be done two to three times before going for the exam. Do not postpone your revisions to the last hours just prior to the exam.


It has been proved, that learning in the early part of the day, especially 5 am to 7 am is the best. You would have woken from the sleep and the entire body would be relaxed at that time. The data-to-be-stored will, thus have a longer time span.
Do not make the effort of studying when you feel sleepy. You might feel the same after having a lunch. Take a power nap, or play a game to stay refreshed.


Ensure you have a proper diet that has enough vitamins and nutrients in its kitty. Drink enough water so as to satiate the requirements of your body. Avoid oily food, snacks containing heavy fat and sugars. And the rule is – avoid having outside home.


Never forget to include exercise as a part of a healthy routine. A body workout can enhance the blood circulation and promote positivity. However, avoid lifting heavy weights or going for a long distance run. A brisk walk on the terrace or treadmill or a normal run in the park is recommended.

Test Yourself

Ask a family member to give you a test on the subject you have studied, as per the similar exam guidelines. You will come to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Or, you can also opt to test your skills by means of mock exams or solving previous years’ papers.