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IIPM Alumni Ranks Pretty High in Employability Score

The demand for a degree in business administration stems not only because of the technical knowledge that it provides but also for the fact that it makes you viable for the corporate world. Thus, just about any degree is never going to help you make the cut when it comes to making a name for yourself in the highly competitive arena of trade and business. You need the added support in the form of a modern curriculum, a well-trained faculty, and practical learning techniques. This is where the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) has always given a tough fight to other institutes and acted as the prime pathway to providing the aspiring students with a first-hand experience of the global business scenario.

With the dedicated efforts of the faculty and the honorable dean, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, IIPM ensures that its students gain a holistic view of the national and international business world that makes them suited to take up jobs both within and outside the borders of the country. The institute’s continued efforts at preparing its students for the business world have borne fruits in more ways than one. Let us delve a bit deeper into the specifics of IIPM Alumni’s high employability scores in this article below.

The IIPM advantage in boosting employability

IIPM’s main focus has always remained on ensuring that no stone is left unturned in providing the students with all the facilities are essential to make them future ready. The experienced teachers, contemporary teaching methodologies, and the world-class infrastructure, all serve to make sure that the young students of the institute turn out to be the leaders of the business arena tomorrow. The following are some of the crucial elements of the IIPM advantage that contribute to improving the employability score of the students:

Modern pedagogy: The aspects and processes of imparting education have seen a sea change in the past few years. Any lack on the institute’s part to keep up with the change immediately puts its students on the back foot. With the advanced curriculum and modern teaching methodologies, IIPM has always remained confident that its students stay at the top of their game.

International exposure: IIPM Dean, Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri believes that in order to make the students understand the whole picture of the business world and different markets, it is important that they are provided with sufficient international exposure. To that end, IIPM has very well put its student exchange programs in place in collaboration with the international universities, which cater to provide its pupils with the requisite international exposure.

Industry interface: For professional courses like management, it is crucial to confirm that the students get to understand the workings of the system by being a part of it. To ensure this aspect, IIPM organizes internship opportunities for its students with the most renowned corporates of the country. IIPM believes that it not only helps the students in getting sufficient exposure to industry interface but also helps them in taking a sound decision with respect to their future preference of jobs.

Infrastructure: IIPM has always strived to provide its students with the best of what the modern infrastructural facilities have to offer. Right from its computer labs, which have been fitted with the most advanced software to the e-classes, every aspect has been taken care of by the experienced members of team IIPM.

The Employability Scenario of IIPM Alumni

IIPM proudly proclaims that the alumni of its institute are among the best placed professionals, working with the most renowned national and multinational companies of the world. The best part is that they have been able to achieve exactly the position that they had dreamt of and they did not have to settle for anything else. They key lies the working style of IIPM, which has never tried to limit the students within the barriers of technical know-how and theoretical knowledge.

IIPM Dean believes that the way to an all-encompassing growth is through the perfect amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and a practical base. The institute’s efforts along with the dedication on the part of its students have together paved the path for their glorious careers and the institute’s fame.

The proof of the fruitfulness of IIPM’s initiatives was recently seen in the Economic Times Business School Rankings, 2018. The institute has received an overall ranking of 26th from the functional heads of the top national and international companies, in spite of the fact that the institute did not even give its name for the survey. The heads of the companies decided to include IIPM on the account of the eminent position that it holds among the business institutes in the country.

The position that IIPM currently holds as one of the topmost educational institutions of the country has been made possible by the thousands of professionals that it has gifted to the business world. IIPM believes in striving for nothing short of absolute excellence and that is evident in the high employability scores achieved by its students.