How to Start Strong as a New Manager?

The universality of the saying that hard-work always pays, emerges as a confirmed factuality for a professional when he/she gets the coveted promotion to a prestigious managerial rank. That is when all that devoted diligence and sweat shed appear to be perfectly well-invested endeavors. However, in this new and venerable role, the candidates should keep in mind one inherent aspect, and that is envisioning his/her approach to work in this novel profile and consequently do wholesome justice to the organization he/she works for.

What is essential here for the new manager is to adopt such a strategy that maximizes self and staff’s productivity, garners him/her respect from all corners, and also enable him/her to set an example for the junior ones. This may seem to be too difficult of a task to accomplish, but if viewed from a logical perception, is not much an impossible job to achieve. What is necessary in here is not any exclusive methodology, but following of some pragmatic and integrated strategies which aid any just-promoted manger to create a worthwhile mark at the job and pit in an effective impression in the minds of his/her coworkers.

Sensing all these much-required workplace acumens, the distinguished managerial study center of IIPM New Delhi, focuses on making its students adeptly smart, ethically enriched and holistically organized. The management program conducted at IIPM Delhi, one of the top management institutes in the country, goes at-depth in grooming students with techniques of leadership and pays full attention towards their confidence-building and enhancement of communicative skills. We prepare our students to smoothly glide into the roles of highly efficient managers by extensively preparing them for all the essentials that are required to make their mark in their profession.

Most of these procedures are time-tested, self-innovated, and unanimously vowed by corporatists to be useful for all work environments. An account of these approaches is documented below:

Strict Focus over New Responsibilities – After years of working as a team player and getting habituated with effectuating instructions and maintaining deadlines, it does seem strange for a new manager to have a desk clear of any tangible task. But, as vocalizes the pedagogy of IIPM Noida, what the one needs performing here is to channelize that energy of work conduction towards interpreting one’s actual duties.  This assists to draw up one most comprehensive plan of action to lead the assigned team with perfection. This is the time to peep deep into the hierarchical infrastructure of employer firm, realize how the administration is carried out, and interact as much as possible with superiors above him/her to exactly know what their expectations are.

Setting Forward One Fundamental Goal – It is the most cited strategy of expert managers while sharing experiences of the initial years. What fundamentally this strategy suggests is that the professional, as soon as assuming office, assembles the whole team under own roof and by providing self-insights and listening to team members’ ideas constructs a motive that guides the execution of every assignment and gets projected on its completion. The idea of working towards the accomplishment of a believed-upon purpose acts as a constant stimulus for the entire department and renews enthusiasm for labor each day. Nevertheless, experienced professionals advise that no matter what a certain organization’s aim is, the foundation must be laid over honesty and ethics.

Taking the First Step towards Acquaintanceship – Instead of waiting for the team to come and greet, it appears as much of a smart move on part of the new manager to undertake the initiative, enter the hall and present self while acknowledging every employee by his/her name. Corporate groomers claim that this endeavor establishes the professional as an amiable and accessible one. They also recommend in displaying keenness over on-going projects and knowing each staff’s relative status. This essentially exhibits the persona as a sincere one from the very first day.

Remaining Transparent about Self – All the top management institutes principally teach that admitting self-flaws and vocalizing own limits regarding knowledge in effect help a new appointee to move fast upwards. This piece of wisdom is also applicable to a nascent manager. While planning methodologies of tasks, if the new one comes clear about own ignorance regarding an aspect or states the quotient of serviceability that would have been possible for him/her to put in, eventually work process gets smoother, more apt, and better in quality. Witnessing such uprightness of their leader, team members also feel motivated to devote their totality towards service and attempt to increase own productivity to the optima. They also find it easy to put in forward their own wisdom and discuss with the boss, and thereby devise best blueprint for implementation. The honor and unity within one department also augment since all the members then desire to work together and glorify their manager’s name.

Prioritizing the Team – No matter how much paradigm transformation occurs in ways of operating commerce, a manager’s fundamental task remains that of guaranteeing unhindered workflow, preventing any deadlock, and extracting the optimum from each recruit. This totally necessitates the new manager to learn in-person about every staff’s pros and cons, keep track of all performances, avoid cultural conflicts within the team, and make each member feel recognized by highlighting their accomplishments to all. Timely bestowal of perks to the deserving ones and representing the department in the best light in front of directors also stand to be crucial.