How to Select the Best Engineering College After Your 12th

The crucial point that most students tend to miss while selecting an engineering college right after 12this that the word “best” actually depends on you. If you pursue engineering with passion, you will end up in the same success level as any of the premier college students. If you have the right skills, you will surely get hired by the top companies. Still, your college will have a few roles to play and will act as gateways to opportunities from whereon you can make the climb. And hence, being precise about the selection is always a smart choice.

A few parameters do work together to make an institution the best college in Greater Noida for btech. While compiling your list, try to focus on these and find out if they match your expectations or not. All the national rankings out there are okay, but it all ultimately comes down to what you seek to achieve while studying in the engineering college you wish to join.

  1. Placement record and the companies visiting

Campus recruitment always portrays a good image of an engineering college. Be sure to check out the college website, find out the list of companies that annually visit the college and if they are aligning with your ambitions or not. For instance, TCS is currently the largest IT firm of the country and having an opportunity to have a crack at their recruitment drive directly in the college campus is definitely something you will want after 4 years. Check if the company visits your selected college and how many others do the same as well.

  1. College infrastructure

Engineering is more about the application than the involved theory. You must have exposure to equipment that will allow you to test your machine skills. Any dearth here will make your knowledge shallow, the consequences of which you will face during your future career. Hence, keep an eye out for the infrastructural strength of the college. Make sure that the computer lab is adequate as all engineering is now gradually shifting to programming. Dedicated labs must be well-equipped along with trained personnel to teach you.

  1. Faculty strength of other branches

The thought about inspecting the faculty profile of your core branch of choice comes very naturally but you must also spend some time on evaluating the strength of other branches as well. If you take up computer science engineering, there will be subjects on economics and management included in your curriculum. The skills you will acquire through these auxiliary subjects will come in handy during your recruitment drive and hence, it is always wise to go for those colleges in Greater Noida for B.Tech who teach other streams as well. Check the faculty portfolios of the entire college in addition to your core stream.

  1. Hostel and boarding amenities

This deserves a thorough look. If you are going to live on campus, make sure that the boarding facilities are as per your expectations. Education will quickly fall apart if your hostel amenities are not healthy and your focus can never remain on engineering. The top colleges invest heavily on their boarding infrastructure, maintaining an optimum student to rooms ratio and hygienic food facilities. Try to find out from as many sources as possible about the boarding amenities and go for the colleges who have the best ones.

  1. Personality development facilities

In this competitive market, interpersonal skills development has become a necessity along with in-depth engineering knowledge. Recruiters look into your extra-curricular activities, communication skills, body language and emotional intelligence before handing over the offer letter and these are often the major deciding factor of whether you are eligible for the job or not. Thus, your selected college must have grooming facilities like communication labs, seminar halls, adequate sports facilities and so on in order to train you right and prepare you for the job world.

Greater Noida Institute of Technology is one such engineering college that effectively ticks all the above boxes to come out as the top institute in the list of B.Tech college in Greater Noida. Their placement cell is active in inviting the renowned firms to their campus to conduct drives, their faculty strength is unparallel in the entire region. Your engineering training is perfect and exciting opportunities will always knock on your doors after passing out of GNIOT. So, broaden your mind during college selection. Go for the ones that can fulfill your needs. Join the right college, learn your subject and start walking down the path to success right after your 12th exams.