How to Deal with Class 12 Board Exam Stress? 7 Effective Tips

The bigger the battle, the higher the stress. And if you are not stressed at all, then something is very wrong. Board exams of class 12 are no common feat for students. The results will decide your entire career ahead, confirm your eligibility for the top 10 private engineering colleges in Delhi NCR, and get you through the doors of lucrative jobs later on. You will have one shot to all these. Naturally, a lot will be at stake. Stress is bound to find you but what causes problems is when you let it consume you.

You simply cannot afford clouded thoughts, uncontrolled perspiration or a nervous breakdown during your exam time. You must take control of your stress and use it to fuel your motivation. So, here are 7 effective tips to tackle your board exam stress and sail through the whole process like the performer that you are.

  1. First, come back to reality

The psychology behind stress is that you tend to create hypothetical future situations and become anxious about it. What if you score low? What if you cannot solve that problem? Understand that the work is never done until you actually go through it and you can never predict the future by living in the present. Bring your mind back to reality, keep yourself rooted here and continue studying.

  1. Apply the pre-mortem technique

Contrary to post-mortem where you look back and analyse what all you did wrong, pre-mortem is doing the same thing, only before the event. Intentionally create hypothetical situations of whatever seems scary to you, then think what all can lead to such a situation. Then, just do not do them. For instance, if you are scared about scoring less in math and stressed about it, think what can lead to such a situation and work upon it.

  1. Never compare yourself with others

Psychiatrists believe that one of the most common causes of stress among students during board exams is their inherent tendency to beat the competition. Do not call your friends up to find out how much they have studied. That will throw you into peer pressure and unnecessarily waste the little time you have. Instead, be your own competition, overtake your yesterday’s self and become better at what you are good at.

  1. Go out for a run

A lot of adrenaline is flowing through your body which is heightening the stress levels. Physical activity can provide you with an outlet. With your heart pumping, you will get rid of that extra energy and your entire system will naturally calm down. You can focus better, take advantage of the good hormones that the exercise released and work with increased productivity. Exercise always reduces stress.

  1. Plan and set realistic expectations

Recognise your capabilities and plan out your days accordingly. Find out how much exactly do you need to score to get into the top private engineering colleges in Delhi NCR and build your expectations to that limit. It is indeed pointless to aim for 99% and stress yourself out when 90% or even 85% can work fine. Set realistic and achievable goals instead and fight as much as necessary.

  1. Give yourself off days

No matter how close is the exam. The last thing you will want is a tired brain in the exam hall that cannot recall a single thing. Off days will help your entire body to replenish, freshen up and prepare for the following times to come. But be sure not to spend your time surfing social media or playing games. Engage in fun activities, play a sport outside, listen to music or have some family time. Anything apart for studies.

  1. And lastly, sleep more

As the exams draw nearer, the first thing thatreceives axing is sleep. When you sleep less, you automatically go into panic mode as none of your physiological functions got its proper time to execute themselves. You do not digest your food, you become more fatigued, that reduces your concentration and more stress builds up. Always get the required amount of sleep, especially during the night.

If you can follow the above, you are all set to crack your upcoming board exams and join the best engineering college in Greater Noida like the Greater Noida Institute of Technology. Such colleges look into your underlying capabilities and aptitude for higher studies. You can very well reach their doors by performing up to your limit. So, allow yourself some breathing space, let your exams just be another hurdle. Do not let stress cripple you and focus on doing your very best. A calm mind is always your biggest asset.