Jul 01, 2019 Mba Colleges in Bangalore

GIBS honors its promises with placements with leading companies

Religare and Oppo, Reliance Digital and BATA, Narayana Health and MorganStanley, these companies and many more depend upon excellent management rather than machines, automation, and software. Besides, nothing being permanent, every entity wishes to grow and branch out, the very essence of business is to create opportunities. No wonder that mega-companies like these are always looking out to recruit the best talents that emerge from the training institutions of repute. Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, has been instrumental in creating career foundations for a lifetime of successful business service.

An institution organized through business connections

Just like one river remains connected to other rivers and the sea, businesses succeed by joining hands with other enterprises. A leather business needs to collaborate with other leather businesses to exchange know-how, human resources, technical skills, and market knowledge. Similarly, business schools can succeed by close collaboration with the industry. The industry covers too many sectors, like health and hospitality. When businesses meet in seminars and workshops, it is a vast variety of industries that are represented. A human resources meeting would attract representation from numerous industries. Similarly, just like HR, money, raw materials, management and manufacture of goods or delivery of services would be familiar to all.

An eye to the professional skill-building

The best B school in Bangalore builds job competencies from the very beginning when the eager boy and girls join the institution. While the semesters begin with the business fundamentals, it is essential to work at the level of the corporate houses that would become future employers. Taking root in a business environment may be likened to plants struggling to grow in the desert with thin raw materials to support growth. Sunshine is found in plenty, but water hardly exists. Bangalore may be rich in business terms, but finding a niche to grow and flower may take a decade.

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore take the trainees by the hand and escort them through the sensitive phases of development of skills, personality, attitudes, and resources in soft and hard copy. The process may be compared to the gradual unfolding of a flower. Growing up through the teenage years is somewhat similar, and so it is a simultaneous growth.

Human Resources Seminars and Workshops and the Job Fairs develop professional ideas, and the desire to excel at work is being strengthened. Confidence is essential and takes time to build. Internships will lay the initial foundation of the world of work, and often the same company grabs the promising future managers with excellent job offers.

The 2000 plus GIBS alumni network along with contacts with over 400 corporations may feel dizzy to start with, but one realizes that they all matter in creating a web of connections that would sustain through a lifetime. Take it one month and one year at a time initially. Rome cannot be constructed so quickly.

The guarantee of employability

To be fair to fellow business schools, the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore have a lot in common. Rather than imparting theoretical knowledge alone from books and other study materials, industry worthiness is instilled. Experienced professionals teach a close connection with the actual working conditions and the skills required in day to day work on the job. Celebrity leaders of leading businesses gather for face to face meetings with students and answer queries.

Considering the student statistics in India, a large number of business students suffer from unemployability because they do not possess the requisite job skills, though well informed in term of business knowledge.

SAP, Six Sigma, and Campus to Corporate Programs all combine to create a well informed and confident business personality who can think and act well in cosmopolitan surroundings anywhere on the planet.

Advisory Boards

Graying hair and sagging skin may not be pretty but indicate a lifetime of experience. Academic and placement advisory boards at GIBS contain those personalities who dedicated a lifetime to the business world with a human heart. They know what is what in business and the emerging trends of the corporate world. Without these boards, the students would be lost in the business forest.

The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore encourage start-ups with a dedicated effort at skill building. International placements are often possible with most leading companies having branches across several countries.

Pre-placement activities provide a thorough grounding of the realities of the job situation. Getting organized, drafting a resume and an application, the interview process and group discussion, they all apply the lessons that have been taught in the classes. Starting with the nucleus of business information, now the outer surface has been reached, the professional touches. Shall we call them the finishing contacts to a few semesters of training? A piece of jewelry has been born.

On campus, placements are lucky indeed, straight from GIBS into a reputed company service! The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program hopes that all the students would be so blessed.