May 25, 2018 Press Release

GIBS hold a free Health Camp to spread positive messages

Date: 14th May 2018

Time: 12 am to 3:30 pm

Place: GIBS (Chandapura)

Such opportunities come but rarely and everybody is attracted on principle to free services. When the free service concerns health and well being, it is certainly an attractive situation. Global Institute of Business Studies does have the welfare of the community at the heart of many of its programs as a premier business management venue.

The truth is that most of us do not opt for regular health checkups due to various reasons. Over busy lifestyles and the unavailability of medical facilities in the immediate proximity are some reasons. The result is that certain health problems take root and escalate undetected. A stitch in time could have prevented serious problems.

As far as students are concerned, it is a regular occasion and the boys and girls did undergo the process with great interest, being quite aware of the need to monitor the health and the functioning of the organs, though problems are lesser at the young age, as a rule. Keeping a record of your health in a file would be the best strategy. Do you know your blood group? Many do not.

The CSR initiative by the CSR Club of GIBS Social Foundation Trust helped the rural community along with the students. The renowned Best Hospitals in Chandapura provided the staff and the instruments. Blood Pressure was checked along with the Sugar level besides a general checkup of the state of health. It is encouraging to note that 65 members of the community from outside the GIBS campus participated in the health checkup.

Healthy living

The Health Camp is a reminder of the need to practice healthy and active lifestyles. The diet needs to be appropriate with enough fruits and vegetables besides water intake for hydration and active lifestyles would assist metabolism. Development of muscles and healthy growth does depend upon both the dietary and activity factors.

Student life, particularly needs to be robust with participation in sports activities or walking and jogging at least. Since the mind is stressed with academic work to a great extent, it is necessary to balance the strain with vigorous physical activity. Otherwise, the brain would get heavily stressed and go to sleep.

Blood Pressure and Diabetes

While the young and energetic GIBS students hardly suffer from BP and Sugar complications, a majority of the elderly community does. Both these conditions can lead to complications if medications are not taken on a regular basis. The medications would last a lifetime in most cases. Few senior citizens are free from the scourge of BP and Sugar. Hereditary factors are often to blame for such problems getting passed down the generations. Otherwise, the precipitating factors are not very clear and research is ongoing.

If they remain untreated or neglected with many people not taking medicines regularly, serious consequences can be the result. As demonstrated in the camp, BP and Sugar levels need to be monitored regularly. The equipment is not so expensive and the family can keep both the BP and sugar monitoring instruments at home and use them when required, perhaps once a month or more if patients are present. The hassle of finding medical facilities would be avoided.

Take good care of your health

While we have no control of bodily and mental processes, healthy habits of food and drink and the avoidance of tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse would go a long way to ensure a good life. Set an example for the family and the community with an active, healthy and successful life.