GIBS gears up for the thrilling annual sports events

Sports and games have always attracted challenging human performance and some animals too throughout history. Whether on the ground, the air and water, getting better and faster always excites. The most innocent of activities, keeping in shape and getting physically blessed are the results. Whether it is walks and runs, furious games on the field like rugby or meditative games like chess, action is something everybody loves. Global Institute of Business Studies, the best B school in Bangalore, launches the annual sports festivities from 17th to 29th March in Bangalore.

Look forward to lots of achievements! Group events, singles and doubles along with individual performance present quite a variety of sports and games. PUBG is a group event. Table tennis has both the singles and doubles versions. Chess is an individual event just like the 100 meters sprint. Carom and Badminton both have doubles participation. Cricket and volleyball, football, kabaddi and throwball are team events and the number of players is specified. A total of 150 medals and 150 certificates would be awarded to the deserving individuals and teams. The enthusiasm and spirit of competition have reached sky high. Student coordinators would get yet another learning experience.

The inner and outer worlds need to tally

Scholastic endeavor can often mean a deep study of educational materials over hours and days! Sustained study for too long would turn students into book worms, oblivious of the environment. Just like smartphones and social media can be addictive, study could result in similar attitudes. Though academic effort is very good, too much of it can be debilitating, harmful to the eye and mind. It is recommended that students take regular breaks from study sessions, work in groups and balance physical exercise along with the mental labors. Further, eat a healthy diet at regular timings and ensure adequate peaceful sleep rather than study all night long. Don’t allow study work and assignments to pile up but work regularly throughout the semester to be better prepared for the examinations. A kind of sport, yoga, meditation and mindfulness help release mental tensions and induce a calm mind.

Sports activities throughout the session

Though the formal sports and games competitions would be held annually, interested boys and girls play basketball and volleyball, kabaddi and throwball, indoor games like chess and carrom, along with other activities, throughout the year. Keeping physically fit and feeling invigorated are some of the positive after-effects of sports and games indulgence. A healthy appetite is worked up and a restful sleep is the consequence. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore encourage sports participation in principle and provide the facilities in the campus for wholesome, friendly competitions.

Choosing a favorite sport

Just like the professions are expanding and new sectors are opening up with the development of technology, the sports world is also diversifying. Choose a sports activity and get better at it. Sports brings fame and prestige and is one way of serving the society and making the country proud like Mary Kom and Sunil Chhetri. Studying the rules of the activity along with easily available online video and audio files would enhance performance but the interest needs to be sustained by joining a club perhaps. While settled in a smashing business career some years hence, the activity would still remain to inspire.