Mar 01, 2019 Uncategorized

Explore the Engineering Kitchen – An Excellent Initiative taken by KRMU

We, the K.R Mangalam University, take immense pride in announcing that we are inaugurating our dynamic platform of Engineering Kitchen from this academic session onwards. The Engineering Kitchen will be open for students, faculty, staff group, and all members of the KRMU family to passionately cultivate their innovative and creative interests.

The Engineering Kitchen will comprise of a series of developmental projects where all students and interested KRMU members will be able to participate and contribute openly. The projects and workshops will include the creation of single crystals of technologically significant resources and materials. The genius heads of our Engineering Kitchen are primarily focused on utilizing natural and environment-friendly local materials in carrying out various significant inventions. Also, the techniques used are low in cost but high in terms of efficiency and this is what makes the engineering kitchen projects completely ‘out of the box.’ The engineering kitchen is the ideal place to perform intricate experiments and examinations and is equipped with high-end machineries and standard infrastructure. The plans to further advance the existing facilities are in the pipeline with a key aim to constantly stimulate the interests of our students and expand the boundaries of their skills.

At KRMU, we have always remained committed to adding a unique edge to the learning facilities and opportunities we extend to our valuable students. We believe that the Engineering Kitchen is an exceptionally exclusive approach that will help to prepare our students for the better. It is an initiative to endow all the inquisitive minds at KRMU with the opportunity to gather at one convenient place and explore, experiment, and experience different sides of knowledge at their best.

We look forward to the new joiners of the KRMU family to enthusiastically engage and participate in the same and discover the deepest cores of imagination, innovation, and inspiration.