Diversity in School Management: How Crucial is it for your Child?

Diversity in school management is what you will find in the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon 2018. When the institution’s decision-makers come from different fields of expertise, be sure that all the decisions that are set to influence your child and his/her education have been filtered through prominent minds. That is what makes education richer and the students of such institutions can truly scale unattainable heights.

How can schools bring diversity in their management?

Imagine the structure of a standard school’s management. There will be a principal who will be heading the teachers. But this will always be just one chair. Then there will be another layer of management above the principal who will either be someone called the director or something similar. Here again, it will be just one person as well. In such a structure, the scope of providing diversity ends with the teacher’s hierarchy and naturally, not all the benefits of a diverse environment can come in.

However, consider another school management structure where there is a place for a board of governors somewhere in the top-tier. This board will either be headed by a chairperson and a vice-chairperson. The added layer is where schools can bring in diversity and constitute the board with different imminent members for numerous fields. They will play a valuable role in making the school’s decisions and the institution’s heads can constantly be in consultation with these fellow veterans.

The top 30 schools in Gurgaon will naturally put equal focus on all aspects of education but a single weak link can shatter the whole chain and it is your child you will stand at the receiving end. What is the use of having fine arts as an extra-curricular if the school does not know what is its necessary infrastructure? How are schools helping children to complete their senior phases properly if there is no help in regards to their careers? Diverse management can bring in all these. It can guide the top-tier to make the right decisions and invest in a better form of education.

Diversity in management is crucial

And that is where The Paras World School India wins. Unlike any other in the list of CBSE school in Gurgaon, TPWSI was quick to identify the advantages of having diverse management and is following a rich structure right from the very beginning. The board of the school consists of eminent names like Amit Sen, Padma Bhushan Prabhu Chawla, Ms. Pervin Malhotra, Mr. M. K. Raina, and Mr. Naveen Chawla. They share a common goal of student development and come in their capacity to take TPWSI forward. Such schools are the need of the hour. Where diversity is spread all over at every level.