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Digital Marketing Expected to Create the Largest Number of Jobs in India

It was on 15th August 1995, when VSNL launched the first public internet access in the country. Cut to the year 2000 and still, only 0.5 percent of the Indian population had internet access. The country has come a long way since then, and in just 16 years the figure has increased by 28 percent with over 373 million users with internet access. Going by the Visual Networking Index report of Cisco, by 2021, over 829 million people, i.e. 59 percent of Indians, are expected to take a giant leap towards internet accessibility.

The transformation from low network connectivity (2G) to high-end network connectivity (3G, 4G, and LTE), high bandwidth, broad video adoption, advanced multimedia application are some of the things that have made the digital transformation of India so fast and definite. The digital growth story of India is both surprising and interesting as the country has welcomed digitization rapidly leading to an enormous opportunity for digital marketing.

Say Hello to the New Era of Digital Marketing!

Going digital has become a crucial part of the Indian economy and society, right from designing and buying products to marketing and advertising. The present annual growth rate for digital marketing in the country stands at 25-40%, and it is being predicted that by the year 2020, all the service lines and businesses will go completely digital. With India’s digital revolution becoming the perfect launch pad for the online brands, it is natural for the businesses to get overloaded with responsibilities of social media strategy, content ideation, SEO, website designing, and more. This clearly indicates the dire need for digital marketing professionals, which is further being predicted to go even higher in the country by the year 2020. Let’s delve a bit deeper into what this boom of digital marketing means for the job seekers of our nation.

The Current and the Future Job Scenario for the Digital Marketing Experts in India

In the recent times, digital marketing happens to be one of the most sought-after career opportunities, and going by the statistics, the industry is booming not just in the country but all over the world, with over eight lakh jobs offered in just the first quarter of 2017. In India, the largest job portals announced more than 13,000 job opportunities in just the first half of 2018.

As you may know, the Prime Minister of India recently initiated the Digital India campaign, which has been serving to promote the digital marketing initiatives in the country, leading to the creation of many new job opportunities for the youth. Hence, the budding ambitious youth of the country looking to make their mark in the world of digital marketing have ample of growing and widening opportunities in the domain. All they need to do is to step in prepared and equipped with the essential skills and knowledge.

Digital marketing, being an evolving and advancing field offers the perfect job opportunity for young professionals looking for a challenging and learning environment to work in. There is always a new algorithm, some advanced technological changes, or new tricks of the trade to learn, which keeps the work not just exciting, but at the same time, deeply satisfying. However, regardless of all the excitement and challenges, it still comes down to the pay package, just like any other job in any other field. The good news is that a career in digital marketing does not let you down on that front as well. As per Google, the national average salary for a senior digital marketing manager in India is INR 447,346, and the average pay scale for all the positions of digital marketers is only going to be on the rise in the years to come.

Relevant Education and Skills in Digital Marketing is the Key to Success

Surveys have revealed that over 91% of the top brands consider relevant certifications validating your skills as one of the main hiring criteria, while over 48% are even willing to provide a higher salary to the certified candidates. It is hence evident that in order to get your hands on the best of job opportunities in the burgeoning domain of digital marketing, it is vital that you get relevantly trained and attain thorough knowledge on the digital marketing tools and techniques. This is where we, at TimesPro, can help you grab success with our hands-on Digital Marketing Programs, where you experience immersive learning, industry exposure, unparalleled guidance, and much more. Whether you are a fresher or a working professional, we, at TimesPro, have Digital Marketing courses specifically crafted to benefit you in the most fitting manner.

At TimesPro, ranked among the Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi, we believe that Digital Marketing is one industry where the need for practical learning is the most, and to that end, we ensure that each of our students is provided with ample of hands-on experience and exposure so that they step out equipped and ready to take on the job responsibilities. With digital marketing being poised to become the largest employer in India, it is time for you to up your game to meet the demands and the advancements of the market. With your zeal to succeed and our premier learning techniques, you are sure to make a mark in the world of digital marketing in the future.