Communication Skills – A Vital Aspect for Professional Development

One of the most important skills that professionals, irrespective of their work domain, inevitably need is good communication skills. It is rather one of those life skills without which you would not be able to proceed further in your career. No matter in whichever course you enrol yourself for higher studies, without proper communication skills, you would simply not be able to climb the success ladder, and this holds true in all the scenarios, be it one’s  professional sphere or a social gathering or a minor one-to-one interaction. In fact, according to a survey carried out among the employers of various companies, it has been revealed that the second thing that the recruiters consider after checking a candidate’s academic record is his or her communication skills.

The Importance of Good Communication Skills in Professional Life

Good communication skills can be very well considered as the oil in your machinery of professional as well as personal life. Communication skills denote how well you can express yourselves, which is, in fact, a crucial element deciding how you represent yourself to others in the society. Let us have a closer look at how having strong communication skills can help bring in immense benefits for an individual:

  • It helps to make better relations with the client, subordinates, peers, and associates. In order to build a wonderful alliance with everyone and make an effective association with people from all levels, good communication skills are a must. With the help of good communication skills, you can make people feel what importance they hold for you.
  • Good communication skills help boost one’s problem-solving skills as well. If you are good at communicating with others, you can confidently go out and discuss the issues with people, which not only enable you to gain many different point of views on the same situation but also aid you to solve the issue with more ease.
  • Strong communication skills also serve to significantly increase the productivity as well the self-confidence of a person.

Why Should Educational Institutes Take Up the Responsibility of Sharpening the Communication Skills of Students?

In the recent era of globalization, India has welcomed many multi-national companies who have opened their offices in the country and are looking for the budding Indian talents to take on the responsible management profiles. However, it is not only the management skills that the recruiters look out for in candidates. They also want strong communication skills, confidence, and problem-solving skills in their employees. It is hence important that educational institutions stop focusing solely on preparing the students on the hardcore academic concepts and principles and also start to focus on instilling the students with the other important skill sets as well. This is where the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) has been always excelling at. IIPM New Delhi is among the finest educational institutions in the nation that has been always providing its students with unparalleled industry exposure and hands-on experience blended with highly valuable, market-centric academic knowledge. The eminent faculty at the IIPM Institute Delhi ensures that the students are well-trained as per the market demands and are equipped with all the necessary skills for aiding their transformation into efficient management professionals. Special emphasis is given on the development of communication skills where students have regular sessions of communicative English that ensures fluency in speaking the language and using correct vocabulary so that the students are in a better position to converse confidently with both national and well as international clients.

Besides, we, at IIPM Delhi, believe that the best way to improve communication skills is to communicate a lot and that is why there are frequent group discussions and presentations conducted at the institute where students can actually put ahead their researches and present them before others. This works wonderfully for the students to do away with the shyness of speaking in public. Special care is also taken for those having difficulty with speech and communication along with regular counselling.

IIPM New Delhi is unarguably one of the top institutes in India where the aim is not only to make its students excel in the academic sphere but to make them grow equally well in all the aspects. The focus here is at the holistic development of students which is necessary for true professional as well as the personal growth of any individual. This holistic development approach of IIPM New Delhi has helped its students grab the best of opportunities in the highly competitive job market. Most of the alumni students from IIPM Delhi are earning immense name and fame in their respective areas of work, and this is indeed something to be really proud about for the institute.