May 22, 2019 GNIOT

Choosing MBA after Engineering – How Can it Help Your Career?

Masters in Business Administration along with engineering is the most popular mix in this country. That is the direct path for most students and has the success stories to back it up. But your choice should not depend on any trend. You must carefully evaluate how exactly can MBA after engineering help your career and whether it can drive all the exciting prospects your way. Can management truly aid your engineering degree or will you be better off just by remaining technical?

MBA provides a shortcut to the top positions

Getting into a top firm will never be a problem if your engineering degree is from a top college. Naturally, you will have to work in purely technical profiles as your course was on those lines. Now, as you go up the company’s hierarchy, your roles will gradually shift from technology to managerial and with the right experience, you can end up in the top brass. With the engineering degree alone, reaching this management level will take some time. But coming from one of the top MBA colleges in Greater Noida, you can have a direct entry.

The top executives of the tech firms must possess both technical and managerial skills. And your engineering degree along with MBA provides for that. If you want to stay in engineering during the initial phases of your career, then MBA may not seem like a necessity. But if you want to take the shortcut, where you want to use your technical skills only as knowledge, then MBA will put you right at the top. This is the first major boost that management gives to your entire career. You get to skip the starting experience gathering phase.

It also enhances your job prospects

Unless you are strictly in research and development where the only thing you will ever need is your technical skills, a basic knowledge of management and its surrounding subjects will work to enhance your current job prospects. Consider here the other option where you do not take the direct entry to the upper management. You are working as an engineer in some company that develops a technical product. It may so happen that you will be responsible to understand the consumer’s demands, suggest a feature on those lines and also decide the pricing based on the company’s revenue expectations and profit margins.

In such a scenario, a degree from the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR will come in handy. You will then have the working knowledge of economics, operations, product design and much more, and pitch in with your financial expertise along with the engineering one. This will improve your current job performance, attract the right eyes and give you that ticket for promotion anyway. So, one way or the other, you are set to rise in your career and the management degree ensures that without you having to make a total career shift.

And last but not least, you can start your own firm

Keeping aside all the job-oriented discussions, if you have an idea, you can convert it into a product, start a company and walk down the path of entrepreneurship. The value of an MBA then becomes unparalleled. You will need the business skills, know the way to operate a firm and function in a market where competition and conflict arise every day. Tackling all these demands a totally separate level of expertise that can only come from a management degree. Your best bet is naturally to join one of the best MBA colleges in Greater Noida and gather the skills before starting a business.

The current period is thriving for entrepreneurs. There is no lack of investors, support pours in from all corners. But along with a great product, you must also show your metal to run a business and make it stand. Every step requires supreme managerial skills that can only come from an MBA and the alternative route is really quite tedious. If your calling lies in entrepreneurship, build the product with your engineering skills and blend it with an MBA. Then see how high you can rise in your career.

MBA is an option, not a necessity

With only the engineering degree, you are already set for success. But the MBA degree makes the process faster and better. Thus, colleges like the Greater Noida Institute of Technology where both the curriculums are present at equal strength are wise choices as you can pass out with the two important degrees in hand without much hassle. Be it engineering or management, the faculty and the resources are unmatched, plus you get the brand value of GNIOT along with it. Complete your engineering, add an MBA, and enhance your career in a popular way.