Biotechnology – An Emerging Career Field in India

With the cutting-edge advancements constantly taking place in the field of science and technology, careers connected to these domains are becoming the most sought-after ones. Besides engineering, medicine, and agriculture, Biotechnology is one among the most progressive and beneficial scientific advances in recent years, which is already emerging as a prominent career field in the country. Being an interdisciplinary field focusing on the intersection of biology and technology, biotechnology is lately gaining immense popularity for its promising career scope in India as well as abroad.

In the simplest words, biotechnology is the technology based on science, which is harnessing the broad fields of biological systems to develop technological applications, processes, and products. Whether it’s the science of genetic modification or vaccine production, biotechnology has made its ingress everywhere. In today’s industrial world, biotechnology has found widespread application across various industry verticals,such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical, textiles, bio-products, nutrition, environmental conservation, and animal sciences, which makes biotechnology stand as a career domain with ample opportunities for qualified professionals.

No doubt, biotechnology is emerging as a promising field that is deemed to bring about considerable changes in agricultural trends, food productions, and also, healthcare.Biotechnology has become one of the emerging career fields in India as it creates a vital link between technology and science for industrial purposes.Biotechnology degree programs ignite experimental and research skills in students and preparethem to build a strong grounding in fundamental topics. Students get to gain an insight into how technology can be applied for solving real-world biological problems. Biotechnology courses impart subject-specific knowledge for students to harness their analytical, critical, and practical approach towards problem-solving in the respective fields. Students are empowered with practical and professional skills to elucidate diverse problems and gain critical awareness of the developments at the forefront of biotechnology.

The biotechnology sector in India is advancing at a fast pace, with the estimated growth rate of 30.46 percent CAGR by 2025. India is soon to become one of the hotspots for the Biotech Industry. In fact, the nation is already ranking among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world. Biotechnology encompasses a broad umbrella of fields including Bioengineering, Microbiology, Forensic Sciences, and Food Technology, all of which have been gaining significant value in recent years. The scope of Biotechnology field is wide and offers various opportunities in the field of both research and engineering

Being a research-oriented field, the scope of learning within the field is immense. Whether it is the pharmaceutical sector, biological sciences industry, healthcare organization, food processing industry, or a food and chemical industry, biotechnology graduates find a relevant profile in almost every industry. Students in this field can also find job opportunities in many other fields such as forensic science labs, food technology companies, enzyme based firms, research labs, and even medical institutions. All of these industries seek the knowledge of biotechnology professionals to handle their industrial operations as Production Engineers, Quality Control Analysts, and other such job profiles.

Remunerations for freshers in the domain of biotechnology can start from 1.5 Lakh per annum in government sectors while private sectors can offer a salary ranging anywhere from 2 Lakh to 2.5Lakh per annum or even more to entry-level postgraduates.

Admittedly, Biotechnology and Applied Sciences is emerging as a prominent career domain offering huge potential for growth to the professionals.In today’s scenario, a sea of opportunities is open for biotechnology professionals and the field is all set to emerge as a fast-advancing career choice. Join the bandwagon of the most skilled biotech professionals in the nation by enrolling for the degree program in Biotechnology at Glocal University.

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