An Insight into SAP ABAP and its Salient Features

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) is indeed one of the best enterprise resource planning software in the current times. ABAP is a fourth generation language that is used in the development of SAP software and is also useful in the development of SAP applications on the SAP platform. Those who want to pursue a career in ABAP programming need to complete a course in SAP ABAP. This course will help them develop user-friendly and good level applications in SAP. When you complete a training course in SAP ABAP, you can work with the advanced features of ALE, BADI, ALV, IDOC, RFC, and LSMW with ease.

What is SAP ABAP?

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. This is the primary programming language that is supported by SAP. This programming language is used by SAP to implement its applications on NetWeaver ABAP platforms. The SAP users basically make use of this programming language to bring about changes in the functionality of SAP.

A look into the salient features of SAP

SAP ABAP is particularly known for its powerful features that have clearly set it apart from its other counterparts. Let us have a look at some of its salient features below:

Database Connections:

It has logical database connections, which makes it possible to use the same code in different database environments.

Open SQL:

SAP ABAP has an open SQL, which is similar to Microsoft and NET’s LINQ concept.

Internal Table:

This has a collection of objects, which can be accessed with the help of special language keywords or with the help of Open SQL.


The integration of the ABAP is done with SAP’s security infrastructure.

Data Dictionary:

It has data structure definitions and is available to all ABAP programmes in the system.

Change and Transport System:

The Change and Transport System, also known as CTS, tracks the changes done to the development objects. It is useful in the promotion of development objects to quality assurance and production setting.

Development System:

In the case of ABAP, there is a shared development system. This means that all developers can work on the same sets of development objects and they can do this at the same time.

Interested in learning SAP ABAP? Then this is what your course must offer!

Ideally, if you are willing to pace up your professional growth with SAP ABAP and are looking out for a training course to help you get on the path of success, it is imperative that your course enables you to thoroughly and practically understand the concepts of SAP Netweaver and ABAP workbench tools. The course must give you a thorough understanding of database updates. It should be able to prepare you to write appropriate programmes with ABAP. It should be able to help you understand the techniques for enhancements and modifications of existing SAP applications.

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SAP is one of the most important and integral parts of any industry. It has helped companies in improving the productivity of the employees. It has been consistently helping the organizations to make routine activities automated. It has helped in reducing the cost of resources and has helped businesses become much more organised. All in all, SAP ABAP is an effective way for the organizations to increase their profitability while keeping the costs under control. Naturally, if you know the SAP ABAP programming language, then you will have lots of demand from organizations who want to make use of SAP as per their company requirements. So waste no more time and opt for the SAP ABAP course from TimesPro, duly regarded as one of the best SAP training courses in the nation today.