Jan 08, 2018 Press Release

A new thrust on business analytics culture at GIBS for MBA and PGDM studies

Global Institute of Business Studies is located in Bannerghata, Bangalore, a most happening city after the IT boom. The garden city and pensioners’ paradise was suddenly transformed into a mighty world of business conglomerates that ranged from manufacture and assembly to pharmaceuticals, healthcare and hospitality. It is realized that such a setting favors not only business investment, but the growth of businesses too in terms of placements and internships. Student dreams have been fulfilled in great measure since the Goyal Educational Trust managed GIBS was launched in 2001.

Besides the flagship postgraduate courses MBA and PGDM that extend to two years each, the other courses are BBA and BCOM, meant for students completing Class 12. A one year PGDM is also taught for executives.

Affiliations and recognitions

Besides teaming up with several institutes and universities abroad, GIBS maintains close links with Bangalore University in Karnataka and Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu. Bangalore University was established as far back as 1886 and Bharathiar University in 1982. Both are UGC recognized and recommended by the NAAC.

The Business Analytics component

‘Surrounded by measurable information in all directions’ is the apt definition of the current technological world. While most thinking refers to the present or planning for the future, it is true that much learning comes from the past like in history. So it is with information gathering in the mega world of business in order to gather lessons to apply to the present and the future. Data mining and Big Data are some of the terms appropriately used.

While information has always been gathered for generation and centuries, the technology-based recording and storage in software vastly speeded up the process. With a few clicks, the history of a company is known and facts and data displayed on the screen.  Customer response, changing trends, manufacture and designing, construction and architecture, almost every area  of enterprise is facilitated.

Since money, materials and workers are crucial to any business along with products and services, all the details may now be systematically recorded and managed. Each company has some such portfolio and sharing would facilitate learning for the sake of better management, predicting the future, exploring the unknown. Decision making, describing and prescribing would all be gloriously possible.

An intense Curriculum and dynamic training of business managers

Incorporating the comprehensive study of Business Analytics in the MBA and PGDM curriculum would boost the skills and understanding of the talented boys and girls in search of professional success. Successful business managers are a scarce commodity in the very crowded business management college scenario in India. While institutions are many, most suffer from serious maladies. While promises are plenty, good placements are few indeed.

GIBS has maintained a powerful profile among Indian business schools and has reached the top nationally and now looks to be setting up branches and international recognition. The foreign faculty members and students from countries abroad bring diverse campus cultures and valuable international exposure. The business management winds at GIBS are blowing in the right direction.