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A Different League of Job Openings that Management Education Can Help Fill

While for continually catering superior-grade merchandises and state-of-art facilities and to meet the rising customer demands, organizations nowadays pay close heed to having a skilled and totally serviceable workforce that comprises of conversant human capital, capable of ensuring that the operation is always at the zenith. Such a criterion, in effect, gives birth to some exquisite professional profiles, the inclusion of which into each and every mercantile organization can enrich its present and secure the best for the future.

Not only for the employer firm, these job roles turn out to be highly potential for the aspirants too, guaranteeing them success, fame, and growth to the optima. However, practicality states that such individuals who are able to enhance the operational quality of business organizations and ensure progress of performance, need to possess a superlative crux of academic knowledge along with hands-on dexterity. They need to be streamlined by such pedagogical institutes which impart education through a curriculum that is both universally viable and ahead-of-time. A dearth of such establishments emerges as a prime cause of shortage in employer-coveted professionals and eventually tags those jobs as ‘tough’ ones.

However, amidst this gloominess, there emerges a silver lining too. That is the promising role which management educational bodies can play. With regard to the fact that management study is constantly involved in the process of evolving itself with novel and effective strategies of work conduction, it appears as the best academic branch to embrace cutting-edge education tools and prepare students for the demands of the modern-age corporate sector.


Some of the hard-to-crack professional roles that only the high-quality, industry-centric management education imparted at the best management institutes in India like IIPM Delhi can venture out to groom students over are:

Data Analysts: In accordance with the functioning nature of present-day firms and existing fabric of international business arena, a professional who can interpret with perfection commercial information and statistics is indispensable for a firm’s wellness. Such a personal enacts as a pivot in deciding what method can boost company’s holistic advancement. Experts too support this statement by showcasing that at present more than 5 million jobs for data scientists are waiting to be consumed. In this regard, scholars vow that by making a virtuous paradigm shift in the academic structure, management students can complacently be bestowed with wisdom over data deciphering and its practical application.

Information Security Analysts: As per the Forbes magazine, this profile offers an average annual pay-package of $ 90,000 and yet remains one of the most difficult of positions in a company to get occupied. The role requires one to ensure the wholesome safety of the cyber-tonics data created, transmitted, and utilized by the parent firm. This professional also remains responsible for the most updated preservation of corporation’s digital information and implementation of the most secured method of virtual exchanges and interactions. By introducing learners to the notions of Cloud Computing, Data Storage, and Virtualization and facilitating them with opportunities of pragmatic experience with those, B-schools can certainly cater to the corporate sector with deserving professionals for such a high-paying job.

Financial Analysts: Organizations remain on a constant look-out for professionals who can handle the financial resources and put into impeccable agility. But while the number of aspiring finance professionals remains increasing, trained personals who can actually analyze a company’s monetary structure and elect fitting ways to channelize investment for optimum returns become hard to find. Through adoption of specified academics that adeptly teach learners when to add, why to subtract, and what management strategies to adapt to multiply the employer firm’s revenue, management education institutions can definitely pave the way for solving the dilemma.

Given to the unemployment issue of India, the business schools here need to be all the more conscientious about mentoring enrolled students in a maneuver that makes them impeccable for any of the above-mentioned professions.  In that direction, one distinguished institution which appears to be the most potential to enact as the emissary is IIPM College Delhi whose inherent motive is to remove all sorts intellectual shortcomings and turn every student enrolled under it as a management expert who can aptly carry forward commercial fineness prevailing in the current world while also adding significantly to it.

Under the leadership of management visionary Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri, IIPM strives to encourage ambitious young minds to explore the not-so-popular arenas of business study and persistently motivate them to dream of a developed world where knowledge is boundary-free and accessible to all and progress is a stabilized reality. Such a goal implicitly explains why the institution surpassed most management schools over the aspect of creating intelligence effectiveness at the yardstick of b-school rankings in India. Conduction of 3 core study programs and 6 specialized curriculums with exclusive courses like Disruptive Entrepreneurship and Global Management in partnership with the renowned international management colleges furthermore demonstrates how Dr. Chaudhuri and his faculty envisions the upcoming business learning framework of the nation.