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A Detailed View of SAP as a Career Option

With the advancements in technology and science, the IT industry as a whole has become the major player in the employment sector, and SAP is gradually taking over as one of the key skills that employers look for. With the increasing dependency of corporates on ERP modules for daily operations, the business world of tomorrow is being predicted to largely depend on SAP professionals. Leading industry players like IBM, Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys, HCL, Accenture, Jindal Steel Power are some of the names that come to the forefront while discussing the employment potential related to SAP. This is the reason why subsequent to the completion of courses like MCA, BCA, B.Tech, etc., most individuals choose to learn SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data processing) in order to put their career on the fast track. Yes, SAP is definitely one of the best career moves that one can make, and it can surely be an important turning point in your professional life.

Wondering why only SAP as a career option?

Some of you may wonder what is so special about SAP. After all, there are some other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions that are available in the market as well. But when it comes to ERP, nothing beats SAP. According to many experts, SAP is the best ERP software in the market today, giving a tough time to its competitive software from other leading tech giants. Naturally, the demand for skilled professionals with SAP certification is on a constant rise. SAP is being used in many industries and companies of all sizes and is widely relied upon for its ability to make the systems a lot more organized. Moreover, SAP is also often connected with boosted employee productivity and overall growth of the business, which makes it one of the most hugely sought-after skills in the current times.

A Look at the Career Opportunities for Professionals with SAP Certification:

SAP has 28 modules that cover different aspects of business management. If you want to opt for SAP as a career, then you will have to complete the SAP certification as that will endorse you as an expert in this field.

If you want to become a software developer, system engineer, application developer, or a SAP EP consultant, then you need to opt for the SAP NetWeaver module. If you want to develop an application programme in SAP, then you should opt for SAP courses where you will get in-depth knowledge about SAP ABAP. The SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO) Module can help one become a SAP functional consultant, SAP FICO consultant, Process Developer, or a Process leader. If you have dreams of becoming a Procurement Specialist or a SAP MM Consultant or a Purchase Executive, then the module that you should ideally choose is that of SAP Material Management. The SAP Sales and Distribution module is designed for the aspirants who want to become SAP SD consultant or SAP CRM consultant. If you want to gain knowledge about the SAP Hybris marketing cloud and understand the configurations that are needed to integrate with Hybris commerce and Hybris Cloud for the customer, then you should opt for SAP Hybris.

Besides, there are a number of other modules and courses in SAP as well. There is no dearth of good career opportunities once the candidate completes the SAP course of his/her choice and relevant to his/her profile. There are many career options available like SAP developer, SAP ABAP developer, Business Process Analyst, Solution Development Consultant, Implementation Consultant, and more alike. There are many top-notch companies that are keen to hire skilled and relevantly educated SAP professionals. Some of the leading names include Jindal Steel, Infosys, Hitachi, IBM, and Deloitte among the companies that are using the SAP technology and are also regularly hiring SAP professionals.

It is hence evident that by learning SAP, you can stay assured of getting a better career path and many lucrative job opportunities. With advanced SAP skills, you can even get global recognition and international acceptance. IT freshers can start with the technical ABAP module. The SAP functional modules are for the ones who have functional domain experience.

SAP – A Great Career Option!

Once you complete the SAP certification, you can get some excellent career opportunities. The remuneration offered is really good, and as you gain more experience in this field, you can surely expect a very good package. However, if you are dreaming of big things in the field of SAP, then you have to make sure that you select the best institute for acquiring high-quality, professional level SAP training. TimesPro, the education wing of the Times Group, is a name that has always remained synonymous with quality education and is trusted for attaining career-driven professional education on SAP by aspirants from all across the nation. We, at TimesPro, recognized as the Best Sap Training Institute in Delhi, have 17 classrooms across India, all of which are equipped with the latest tools and technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our value-added program modules have been designed by industry experts and have the key focus on making the students job ready. The programs are delivered in such a way that they not only cater to sharpen the students on their technical skills, but also help them develop their soft skills, presentation skills, and interview skills. Moreover, students are also provided with thorough placement assistance post completion of the program which helps to ensure them of a secure career ahead.