8 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

The answer to whether email marketing works or not can be a resounding yes when the right strategies are applied, and the proper approaches are adopted. In fact, studies suggest that when done right, for every dollar spent on email marketing, $40 is generated in sales.

But, it is also important to keep in mind in this regard that an average customer is bombarded with emails on a daily basis, and standing out from the crowd is not the easiest thing to do. With that being said, we have brought forth 8 tips that will help you to not only make a mark with your email marketing campaign but also drive conversions as you aim to.

#1. Knowing and understanding the target audience

The emails that are sent out to the audiences have to be relevant to their interests, and you will need to understand your target audience well for that to happen. Segmenting your email list into subgroups is a good way of doing that. For instance, if you are selling gym equipment, try getting an insight into the kind of equipment they are looking for, and then create groups based on that information.

#2. Maintaining consistency and regularity of emails

Being regular with your emails does not mean spamming the target customers with ten emails every day. However, spamming is when you send out emails to those who have not given you the permission to do so. Studies reveal that around 44 per cent people check their inbox at least once a day, and by being infrequent, you will be long gone from their memory to still be relevant.

An observation. The above para deals with Regularity’. No mention of ‘Consistency’, which I believe has to do with the content.

#3. Keeping it short and to the point

The idea of email marketing is to give the customers a soft nudge in the right direction, and not to hard-sell the products and services to them. So, it’s important to keep it short and precise so that the customer understands and acts upon it.

#4. The subject line is where you get them hooked

The subject line needs to be attractive and short, or else the mail just lands up in trash. Surveys have revealed that a subject line of 6-10 words is the most attractive and makes most people open their emails. But remember, it should not be gimmicky with no connection to the rest of the body of the email.

#5. Split testing the emails to understand the results

A/B split testing is called the Holy Grail of digital marketing, and for a good reason indeed. It’s nothing but segmenting the audiences to figure out the version of the email that ensures the highest conversion rates. Think of it like perfecting the overall email campaign by tweaking and modifying the parts.

Another observation. ‘Split Testing’ needs to be explained better.

#6. Making the emails as easy to skim through as possible

Your target customers get plenty of emails every day, and even if they open yours, they will only read it and take action when the email is easy enough to scan through. How to do that? Include loads of white space in the form of subheads, bulleted lists, and short paragraphs, which give your email content a clean and easy-to-look-through appearance.

#7. Do not send emails just for the sake of it

Delivering value consistently through your emails is how you get the customers to read those time and again. It will keep them from reaching out for the unsubscribe option. It will hence help if there is a healthy mix of offers, promotions, and quality content offered in the emails.

#8. Success is a formula to be repeated again

When an email marketing campaign becomes effective, it gives you a formula of success which you can certainly repeat again. The chances are that you will be gaining more new subscribers and prospective customers this way, than by taking a different approach. However, do keep in mind to move with the times and trends.

Email marketing has been consistently proving its potential. But what it requires is a sound strategy and the necessary skills and expertise to devise the same. Most modern businesses have understood the power of email marketing and are hence on a lookout for skilled and proficient digital marketers, who know how to lead the online marketing campaigns to success. And that is exactly what we, at TimesPro, are here for.

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