May 11, 2019 GNIOT

6 Skills that Employers Look for in All Management Graduates

Why do aspiring management graduates queue up in front of the best MBA colleges in Greater Noida? What extra do they get here which they don’t receive at any other B-school? Along with your technical knowledge in management, it all comes down to the set of skills that you possess and that is what you learn in the top MBA colleges. In the current competitive world, your skills must match your knowledge, you must show affinity towards management to your employers and continuously build on new abilities to reach the C-suites. Your college is indeed the best time to lay down the foundation of skill development and you must, therefore, work on the 6 following skills that almost all employers look for in new management graduates.

  1. Time Management

Above all the skills that you will be carrying in your bag, time management has to sit right at the top. The work profiles of MBA graduates are hectic. There is always pressure from all corners and the only way to shine in such an environment is to manage your time effectively. Work on increasing your productivity, segregate tasks so that you can do more in less time. Create instances of your time management skills and show them to your employers. They are bound to be impressed and hire you on spot.

  1. Communication

A leader needs to hand out instructions. He/she also needs to take feedback. Every step of a manager is associated with communication and thus this skill sits right up there in the importance chair along with time management. All forms of communication must have equal priority. You must be an expert orator, a good writer and also a proficient listener. You should be able to put your ideas and thoughts into proper words and present them always in a convincing manner. Communication can indeed make or break you as a manager.

  1. Problem-solving

The semester-wise evaluation of the top 10 MBA colleges in Greater Noida is often based on your problem-solving skills. How well can you analyse a situation, process all the available information and come up with a working solution? Running a business is, after all, a series of problems that require solving and employers naturally look for a heightened skill in this. You will have to thrive in pressure situations, be innovative to come up with quick strategies and always be on your feet while making decisions.

  1. Planning

Looking ahead at the possible outcomes and planning your steps in the present is another must-have attribute that all managers must have. During your MBA course, you will be taught case studies about the history of management and different managerial styles from where you need to pick up pointers to develop your farsightedness. With a bit of logical reasoning, you can easily work on this skill where planning your every move will take the centre stage. None of your choices can be random, nothing can rest upon chance.

  1. Delegation

Probably the most difficult skill to develop as a manager is the art of delegation. You are required to understand the individual skills of all your team members, hand-over work based on those skill-set and effectively organise and collaborate so that the entire project runs in a smooth manner. It is also your duty to manage your own workload and see to it that none of your subordinates are overworked. All these require a tactical mindset which most employers value. Work upon your delegation skills and never worry about being stressed at work.

  1. Team playing

Or interpersonal skills to be more specific. Your conduct in the workplace is now a vital evaluating factor in the job world. Recruiters test your people skills, body language, emotional intelligence and a whole lot of other parameters that can make you a great team player. Even as a manager, you will always be a part of the bigger team called the company and you must play along for what is best for the organisation. Employers prefer a candidate with superior interpersonal skills as this person is naturally easy to work with and can fit in well.

In the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, you will have the opportunity to work on these above skills, brush them whenever required and be ready for the job world. And Greater Noida Institute of Technology is one such institution where skills merge effectively with education. You become a complete manager in GNIOT who employers value and get all the necessary exposure to build your skills should you not possess any. The best MBA college will always give you the right start. It is from here that the aspiring managers of today become the future CEOs.