6 Skills all Students Should Work On while Still in School

Learning life skills right from the school level help students explore the final pieces of their educational puzzle and complete it effectively. While brilliance in mathematics can make them future financial experts, life skills will come in handy in social circles or under crunch situations. The more abilities students pick up during their learning stage in schools, greater will be their maturity moving ahead. The top schools in Dehradun will provide them thenecessary platform to work upon all the necessities that often lie beyond the academic curriculum. Top grades are definitely important, but students must also focus on these 6 skills while still in school.

  1. Etiquettes with peers and adults

Greeting teachers in the morning and expressing gratitude to friends are manners. Etiquettes revolve around habits like shaking hand while introducing oneself and maintaining eye contact while speaking. Even in written communication, students must learn the ways to frame an email and where to use what. Boarding schools are especially strict with manners and etiquettes and such skills go a long way in helping students develop a personality that is socially acceptable. Good behaviour must be ingrained from childhood.

  1. Time management and scheduling

Whether the students are at their primary level or about to pass out of school, the skill of managing time is vital at all stages. This will not only help them to maintain a proper schedule but also enable them to live a stress-free life. Each and every student must have a fixed time to get up in the morning, a period dedicated for self-study, a specific span just to relax and indulge in fun activities and everything must fit in without any compromises. Better time management leads to higher productivity and, naturally, improved performance.

  1. Working in a team

Or collaboration, more specifically. Throughout their entire life, students will come across numerous situations where they will have to work in groups. Be a part of a team and work so that every member can benefit. This demands self-sacrifice, the skill to help others and the ability to adapt to changing situations. The top schools in Dehradun district conduct excursions for their students to inculcate these skills into them and teach them the value of working in a team from a very young age. Students learn the values through real-life experiences.

  1. Self-evaluation and improvement

This is probably the most difficult skill to master among the lot. Self-evaluation means accepting one’s own mistakes, introspecting on the same and striving towards personal development. While growing up, students are bound to make mistakes and fail at times but it is primary that they take their time to draw out the teachings from those mistakes. The teachers at boarding schools take up the role of mentoring students to enable them to self-evaluate, understand the consequences and take responsibility for every wrong action.

  1. Respecting and saving the environment

Taking care of the environment around must come into the school’s curriculum as a skill to work upon. Especially now when the alarm bells are already sounding, students must pick sustainable development as a habit. The lessons they learn at school will continue to stay well into their adulthood and they will pass on the values to their next generation. Simple acts like saving electricity or turning off a running tap must come naturally to students and they must understand the overall importance of these acts. In turn, they will spread the awareness and the next generation will work together to save the environment.

  1. Basic survival skills

Students must learn how to take care of themselves in the absence of adults and should possess a few basic survival skills. The top CBSE schools in Dehradun region designs their extra-curricular activities on these lines so that their students are prepared for any unforeseen adverse situations. They must know how to cook a few basic meals, navigate the streets with a map or asking around, whom to approach for help and whom not to and so on. Being prepared helps to keep the nerves calm. It will guarantee their safety should anything come up.

Boarding schools seamlessly inculcate these skills into their regular curriculum owing to their residential academic structure. Private schools in Gurgaon fits perfectly into that list. Under precise supervision, students learn to interact with people around, develop personal skills, work in a team in various activities and regularly involve in community development. Such schools complete a student’s education where life lessons and academic excellence receive equal priority. The best school will always teach everything and one educational aspect will never overpower the other.