5 Facilities to Look for While Choosing Your Child

Facilities and infrastructure are like the opportunities that students need to get the proper depth in their education. Naturally, students can do very well without them just with the basic amenities present, but it is the accompanying facilities that help to add value to education, raise the benchmark of knowledge acquired and build skills that enable the students to stand above mediocrity. Without a doubt, you will want your child to study in one of the top 20 schools in Noida that not only houses the best of teachers in the NCR region but also has state-of-the-art facilities that complement the academic curriculum of the school.

Here are 5 such facilities that you most definitely should look for. No student of the 21st-century can effectively thrive in his/her future without these.

  1. Smart classes

Merely a decade back, students could still learn without smart classes but today, its absence would be blatantly unfair to the growing children. Technology has come into education to only make it better. Information is now available easily in a consumable form. Teachers can actually use technology in their classrooms to simplify a complicated subject, apply personalised learning methods that respect a student’s individuality and give the children the freedom of education that they deserve. With the use of projectors and headphones along with internet-enabled campus and IT infrastructure, the best school will always maintain top-notch smart classes on their campus.

  1. Library

A school without a rich library is meaningless. Its absence confines education to only a few resources that take away the competitive edge that students of today require almost always. Textbooks work fine to create the knowledge foundation but a library helps to grow upon it by feeding curiosity and furthering education. When students learn something new in class, they deserve to explore the subject to the depths of their desire. A rich library will facilitate that by harbouring books of all topics, magazines of different fields, and giving access to the online resources that truly has no end to information.

  1. Playground

The top international schools in Noida will feature an expansive playground on their campus. And this ground will not only serve as the center of various activities but also allow the children to play their own games during recess. Sports are crucial aspects of educational development. So, is recess. These take care of the skill development side which textbooks fail to achieve and inculcates abilities like leadership, companionship, positivity, and much more. Plus, with a proper recess, students become better equipped to deal with the complexity of their education and thus, a playground in the school can really make all the educational difference you will ever want to see in your child.

  1. Arts center

Mathematics, science, and technology are the left side activity of the human mind. Arts and music, on the other hand, are taken care of on the right side. Naturally, indulging in just STEM subjects leads to the analytic growth of students but it is only with the infusion of arts do students become creative in their approach. The art room of a school shows the institute’s STEAM mindset. It goes on to show that the school believes in creativity and innovation and allows its students to become even more imaginative. Students who indulge in some form of arts are educational performers and are better with expression, communication, and self-confidence.

  1. Infirmary

A working and fully equipped infirmary will always be present in the top 10 CBSE schools in Noida as opposed to simple first-aid boxes to just tend surface wounds. Within the boundary walls of the institute, every child is the school’s responsibility. And that includes physical health as well. As parents, you deserve the peace of mind of sending your child to a safe school, where not only threats are mitigated, but his/her health is given a priority as well. The school’s infirmary should have the basic facilities run by trained staff and a nearby hospital should always be on call should the unforeseen happen at any time. This needs to be a responsible center of the school.

And you can look for more like IT labs, yoga and meditation rooms, transportation facilities and so on, but in this current age, these should be present in the school you select for your child. GD Goenka Global School is an institute that harbours the best of educational facilities in the NCR region where every entity complements the futuristic curriculum that the school maintains for its students. Right from smart classes to e-learning facilities, music and art rooms to in-house gymnasium, GD Goenka is the appropriate definition of a modern school where your child gets every academic opportunity that he/she will require to thrive. Inspect thoroughly, go for the top school only. This is your one-time decision that will set your child’s future.