Does Your Child Always Fall Behind with Homework? Here’s How You Can Help

All students struggle with education in their own ways. This is not a matter of concern. However, if the struggle drags on and starts affecting their daily progress, that is where parents and teachers need to step in. The top 10 CBSE schools in Noida assign homework as a self-learning strategy. Students are to recall their lessons from the class, research from textbooks and complete the assignments to develop a comprehensive understanding of the matter at hand. Struggling with homework stall this part of the progress where students merely continue to learn from the teachers but do not educate themselves. Not completing assignments regularly throws the students into a loop of incomplete learning.

If this pattern exists in your home, here is how you can take action. If your child has the tendency of falling behind with homework, this is how you can help.

  1. Talk to teachers to detect the root cause

Is your child often distracted in class? Is he/she having difficulty in following instructions? Does the student tend to decline authority? There can be a number of reasons why your child might not be completing the set assignments and the teachers are best placed to detect the same as they are the adults who are educationally involved with the student. You can represent your home’s ambiance while the teacher can share the classroom behaviour. Together, it is possible to pinpoint what might be causing the child’s struggle and this is the first step to get homework back on track.

  1. Increase your supervision at home

You will naturally have to increase your involvement with your child’s education at home to break the vicious spiral. Start by listening to your child as to where the problem lies in his/her opinion. Carefully share the teacher’s inputs, if necessary, and explore areas where the student can improve. Also, keep an eye on what your child is doing instead of doing homework. Is he/she resorting to playing games or is the student simply tired? Supervise to remove distractions and cut down on the student’s schedule so that enough attention is available for the assigned homework.

  1. Encourage self-study

The top 5 schools in noida will advise you to help your child with homework, not complete the same for the student. The goal is to encourage self-study and you should be fueling this instead of focusing on completion and perfection. If your child is stuck with a question, nudge him/her in the right direction by offering indirect tips. If the essay is feeling overwhelming, research together by allowing the student to take the lead. Often, the confidence goes missing among the students that they can complete an assignment all by themselves. You can sit beside the child, offer motivation and appreciation, but always refrain from direct help.

  1. Manage priorities and expectations

Modern schools follow a hectic schedule. Along with academics, they fill their routines with extra-curricular activities to develop skills. At home, if your child is already struggling with homework, extra music or dance lessons cannot be the priority unless that is where the student’s passion lies. Some children are simply too busy at home to focus on their homework. Parents may mount expectations on the kids that an all-rounder can manage all. Manage both time and expectations when the struggle is becoming real and allow your child to focus on education first as the school is already providing space for music or dance.

  1. Direct the student to the necessary resources

A few expert teachers have also noted that students have not completed their homework because some necessary resources were not available at home. On the surface, these might seem like menial excuses but students have said that a certain book was not available, the internet was slow or the ink ran out in the one pen they had. Having the right resources available is crucial for self-learning. And if it is not possible to have everything at home, you can always direct your child to the school’s library where the required books will be available and internet connectivity will be adequate.

GD Goenka Global School, one of the top institutes in the list of schools in Noida, gives primary importance to homework. The school maintains it as a crucial element of overall education and works closely with parents to ensure that no child faces a continuous struggle. The teachers are available at a prompt distance, the infrastructure is education-friendly. Meaningful homework has always complemented school education and the true essence can only come out if the students are drawing maximum value from their assignments. Be available, as parents, and consult with your child’s school to offer effective help.